Frequently Asked Questions

What is TAD?

The Architecture Designs is primarily an online media outlet where you can find text articles related to architecture and interior designing, as well as related supplementary topics.

Can I shop for furniture/décor and/or get the service of an architect, home designer, and/or landscape designer here?

Unfortunately, no. This website is not an e-shopping website at all, and we only act as an online community of experts, professionals, and non-professionals purely for the purpose of sharing insights and exploring new home design ideas. However it can be done in future but we are not sure for that.

Does TAD endorse products?

We do not endorse and/or advertise any manufacturer, brand, or retailer. Any product names listed here is usually within the isolated context of the article and based on purely user experience-motivated opinions.

Can I use content from this website elsewhere?

By accessing this site, users are granted a limited license of use for our content, and you can store content locally if it is on the basis of individual requirement and no commercial usage motivation. Commercial/non-commercial redistribution and/or usage of content from the website without the express permission from us to do so, however, is prohibited under all circumstances. The articles and content published here is for information purpose only.

Can I submit articles of my own as a guest?

Of course! We are an open-access online community and welcome all interested individuals into the fold. To find out more about third-party article submission, head over to the ‘Write To Us’ section.

Can I send already published content to be featured here?

We do not re-publish published content irrespective of whether it breaches the copyright policies of the concerned publishers and/or prior owners of said content.

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