An Effective Guide on How to Pressure Wash Your House
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On April 30, 2020

Whether you ardently want to give your house a brief relief from the molds and mildews or prepare the walls for annual painting, pressure washing the home is the most convenient way. And your pressure washing will be even more intensified with the choice of the right pressure washer pump.

In today’s write-up, we are going to describe how to pressure wash your house in the most convenient way and with the least effort. The cleaning procedure will enable you to prepare walls for paints and other parts of the home for a cleaner outlook.

So, are you up for the detailed tutorial?

Pressure Wash House


How to Pressure Wash Your House: An Effective and Elaborate Guideline

While pressure washing your home is an excellent way to remove the odd-looking mildews, it needs the perfect preparation. The preparation includes selecting the most appropriate pressure washer and cleaning material.

And we will start the tutorial with the same preparation step and follow the rest.

Choosing The Right Pressure Washer:

When you choose the right pressure washer for home cleaning, you need to consider two crucial factors. These are:

  • The size of your home
  • The surface construction you intend to clean.

Pressure Wash House


For the first factor, measure your home surface and then select the pressure washer pump and motor type. For a cleaning studio apartment, a corded electric pressure washer is fine. However, if you are to clean larger space, we recommend the gas-powered electric pressure washers. These are powerful and without cord suitable for covering ample space.

Secondly, you need to determine the surface material and select the washer PSI and GPM accordingly. For this, you may follow this guideline.

  • If you are going to clean softer materials such as aluminum and softwood grain, choose a pressure washer with 1200-1500 PSI. This won’t damage the surface when you perform the washing.
  • If you want to clean stucco, select a wider nozzle. It makes sure the stucco remains unharmed.
  • Vinyl or plastic materials with the firm surface are easily washable with the washers having 2500-3000 PSI.
  • For better cleaning, you should apply the cleaning solution on the surface. So, choose a pressure washer with a detergent dispenser.

Now with the perfect selection of pressure washer, let’s move on to the next step.

Pressure Wash House


Ensuring The Protection Of Exterior Fixtures

The next thing you will require to do is to clean and protect the exterior fixtures from damage. The accessories broadly include lights, plants, and landscaping shrubs. Otherwise, the strong water coming out from the pressure washer.

Cover the fixtures with cheap plastic or drop cloth to safeguard them unless you are ready to pay for the unprotected items.

Protect Yourself

Pressure Wash House


Before you start the main pressure washing of your home surface, it’s high time you protected yourself. We recommend you to wear protective goggles and gloves to avoid unwanted happenings. And if the pressure washer creates noise, you may additionally choose to wear hearing protection.

A Manual Scrub

Before starting working with the pressure washer tool, giving the surface a manual scrub will be beneficial. Use an old and used hard brush to wipe off the visible mold and mildews from the surface. It will make your pressure washing a breeze.

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Making The Solution For Cleaning

Pressure Wash House


For a proper and thoroughly clean, you must mix the cleaning agents perfectly. As of thumbnail rule, take 4 gallons of water in a bucket and pour 1 pound of cleaning agent on it. The cleaner needs to be free from phosphate because phosphate damages the paint and original color of the surface material.

Then stir the solution with a stick so that the cleaning concentration mixes well with the water. Once ready, transfer the cleaning solution in the detergent dispenser attached to the pressure washer. However, a pressure washer without a detergent dispenser will permit you to perform routine water cleaning, which is often not so fruitful.

So, choose a pressure washer with a detergent dispenser as we described in the 1st preparation step.

Connecting The Garden Water Hose

Pressure Wash House


When you have filled the detergent container with the cleaning solution, you will need to ensure the water supply. To get the adequate water supply, attach a water hose with the washer faucet and the other end of the garden water hose with the water supply valves.

Give A Test Run

To check that the cleaning solution is working correctly and find the right water speed and flow rate, first have a test cleaning. Turn on your pressure washer pump and start spraying the solution through the nozzle.

Begin from 3 ft distance from the surface and slowly close in until you find the right spot. The right place is where the pressure washer nozzle will start sprinkling powerful water to damage the mold, mildews, dirt, and other grimes.

The sweet spot should be at such a distance that it will damage the grime but won’t affect the surface paint.

Start The Main Cleaning

Pressure Wash House


Now you can begin the actual pressure wash of the surface. Start from the top and then slowly move the wall downwards for the cleaning purpose as you move downwards to use the pressure washer nozzle in a sideways direction.

When cleaning the gutters, over and under-hangs, hold the nozzle in a 45-degree angle to get the best output. Remember that depending on the grime amount, you may need to repeat the pressure wash for 2-3 times to get a perfectly clean surface.

Rinsing The Cleaned Surface

After you have finished the pressure washing, rinse off the surface with clean water. Otherwise, the detergent may leave residue on the surface, damaging them in the long run.


Theirs is hardly anybody who doesn’t want to make their house attractive. While decorating the home is a solution, the best way is to keep houses neat and clean. In this regard, a pressure washer once in a year or before the repaint sessions will do you worlds of favor.

Besides, pressure washing home frees you from the burden of tedious manual cleaning. On top of, the pressure wash helps you get a neat and clean house almost effortlessly and within a short period also. Thus, this guideline, we aspire, will come handy for every homeowner at The Architecture Designs.

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