4 Reasons Why You Must Wash Your House Exterior
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On November 24, 2021

Your home’s exterior is constantly exposed to harsh weather, which causes irreversible damage and discoloration. If left untreated for long, dirt, grime, and micro organisms. Hence, maintaining your home’s exterior is just as important as maintaining the interior. And, you can do so by washing your house exterior every year or two.

Regular washing enhances the aesthetic appeal, preserves value & keep your home safe from dirt and pollutants. Keeping your home exterior clean also shows that you care about maintaining a positive appearance of both yourself and your community.

Professional services offer different methods for cleaning your house’s exterior. Each is tailored depending on the type of material and severity of the damage. The most common cleaning methods are pressure washing and soft washing.

Pressure Washing Vs Soft Washing

  • Pressure washing uses high-pressure water streams which clean stains and dirt from every inch of your home exterior. Such high pressure clears every nook and corner without the use of any detergent. This environment-friendly method is a champion for cleaning brick and concrete surfaces of your house. It can clean walls, sidings, patios, decks, concrete sideways, driveways, and other exterior elements.
  • Soft washing is relatively gentle, it use only a little more pressure than your garden hose. It relies on strong cleaning agents that are left to soak into surfaces for some time. These chemicals break down deep-seated mold, algae, and dirt build-ups. All these chemicals are environment friendly and will not harm house siding or the surrounding environment. Soft washing is a gentler method for cleaning sensitive surfaces such as roofs shingles, vinyl sidings, wooden patios, window panes, cedar shakes, and outdoor furniture.
Wash Your House Exterior

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4 Reasons You Should Pressure Wash Your House Exterior

Let’s see why you should invest in pressure washing your house exterior.

1. Prevent Property Damage

Constant weather changes build up dirt and grime on your home exterior. This grime hardens to form stains not just on the surface, it also gouges away layers of paint and can permanently damage the surfaces.

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You can combat these problems with pressure washing or soft washing your house exterior regularly. Which takes care of both surface buildup from dirt and pesky inhabitants like mold and mildew from every corner of your house. Removing these harmful agents will prevent further damage and you will get a restored home.

2. Removes Health Hazards

Every year, people experience allergic bouts caused by hidden mold spores, algae, or pollens thriving on their houses. No matter how clean your interior is, washing your house’s exterior is the only way to clean off harmful flora that is settled on every surface. Power washing can get rid of these allergens. This leads to healthier living conditions for your family.

3. Pressure Washing is Time Efficient

Your time is valuable, and your property is vital. Hiring professionals to pressure wash your house means; you will save your time and money, otherwise spent on unsatisfactory methods. A team of experts will take care of everything in just one visit, and you will get an immediate curb appeal. So, take your load off, and let them deal with the dirt!

4. Higher Rental and Sales Value

Pressure washing your house protects not just the structural integrity, but also its curb appeal. A pressure wash session every years helps maintain a clean and healty enviroment. It will also reap you considerable benefits in the long run. Potential renters and buyers are always more interested in a home that is clean and well-maintained.

Wash Your House Exterior

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Regular exterior washings should be routine for homeowners, it prevents damages and prolongs the life of your home. Not to mention the health benefits and property value it preserves. We can say that a pressure wash every year will only improve your home’s value & curb appeal. You can contact a professional pressure washing contractors like ChicagoRacoons to get your house washed. They are basically the experts who provide customized and tailored plans to suit every need of your home. Of course, you can do it yourself, but you’ll need the proper equipment and chemicals and last but not least you should know how to properly use them.

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