Can The Construction Industry Benefit From Self Storage? 
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On April 5, 2023

Construction companies and similar businesses, such as sole trader builders, can benefit from self storage. It may not necessarily have been your first thought of improving your business if you are in the construction industry, but it is affordable, flexible and incredibly useful – many people within your industry are already enjoying the benefits. Let’s take a closer look:

What Is Self Storage For Construction? 

Construction Industry Benefit From Self Storage


Self storage for the construction industry is the same as self storage for any industry and for domestic users. It is secure, affordable, clean storage that is either outdoor in buildings like shipping containers, or indoor in locked rooms of different sizes. It can be as big as a football field, and as small as a gym locker, so there’s an option for everyone depending on how you want to use the space. Most importantly, London self storage  for construction is going to have a lot more security than any vehicle, site lockup or garage. People running self storage facilities know that customers expect their things to be protected when they use the service. CCTV, security guards, 24/7 reception, various lock points, gating, security lights – you name it, a facility offering self storage probably has it. 

Why is Self Storage Beneficial For The Construction Industry? 

The construction industry is a natural pairing with self storage facilities, and yet many construction companies aren’t yet taking advantage of the service. If that sounds like you, and you’ve never considered affordable self storage for your business, perhaps the below benefits of self storage for the construction industry will change your mind: 


Construction Industry Benefit From Self Storage


Within construction a large amount of tools are used for various different jobs and purposes. Tools and machinery can be wide, tall, tiny, delicate – there are endless shapes, sizes and weights. When it comes to safety, organisation and security, it is essential that a tool library is completely organised and everything is accounted for. With self storage being available in any size you like, you can utilise it for the security and organisation of your equipment. You can add shelving units, boxes and other storage items in the unit too, so that there is even more organisation and tidiness – something that can be a struggle if you are currently trying to use a space that is too small. 

A Central Space

Are your workers coming from various different places, potentially travelling to different worksites? Logistically, this can make it a challenge to get equipment where it needs to be without things getting really complex, and without lots of time being wasted from travelling to collect and drop equipment off. Some tools can be very specialist and it may be that every individual site cannot have one of those tools, and they have to be used between sites. Having a central self storage unit for everybody to take from and drop off is incredibly helpful when you have multiple members of staff across multiple sites. This is especially true if you do not have a central office, or if you have multiple sites in a location that is a distance from your central office. 


Construction Industry Benefit From Self Storage


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Self storage can be helpful for construction deliveries that may come at any time of day. Whether you are having a special tool delivered, or a new vehicle, 24/7 delivery can help to make things easier for you by receiving those deliveries until such a time you can come and deal with what has been dropped off. 

Perfect Storage Conditions

Construction equipment is not cheap, by any means. Keeping it in a wet, damaged space open to extreme temperatures means it could be open to damage rendering it unsafe, and unusable far quicker than would naturally happen. Good local self storage facilities will have excellent, clean, well managed storage which includes climate control. So pests, environmental damage, theft and extreme temperatures are much less likely to impact your costly tools.

Paper Storage

Construction Industry Benefit From Self Storage


A construction site may not be the best place for paperwork that is sensitive and that is unable to be destroyed at this stage. It can be open to theft, and even a little bit of moisture in the air (which can happen with shipping container offices on sites) can cause mould and mildew, which damages paperwork quickly. Sensitive and important documents that are damaged and destroyed in this way cannot be replaced, and if they have not been digitised or properly destroyed with a paper trail, you could find yourself open to all kinds of issues and even legal problems. 

Deep self storage can be the perfect place for construction paperwork, because it remains out of the way – leaving you more office space on site, stays safe and is protected from environmental damage. 

Office Space

If you need an office space for your construction business, some self storage facilities offer those kinds of services. Lots of businesses are actively using self storage units as office spaces, with some facilities specifically designing spaces to suit that purpose. It’s ideal if you don’t want to pay for a full office rental contract, especially as the storage contracts are very flexible, affordable and you’re not signed up for a year or anything like that amount of time. Mostly you can have a months notice for the unit, so if you’re in need of temporary office space or you are at a growing time where you’re open to growing pains, flexible self storage is a really great option. 

Are You Ready To Sign Up For Construction Business Self Storage? 

Now that you have seen all of the benefits above, you’re no doubt considering self storage for construction businesses much more carefully. It has so many benefits, you might even wonder how you have never considered it before. 

Why not speak to your local London self storage unit today for more information. They can provide you with a quote, show you around their facility and give you the lowdown on all the ways their services can help you. It could be exactly what your business needs to operate with more precision and organisation, all at an affordable, flexible price.