Easy Guide to Choosing a Spray Foam Insulation Contractor
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On May 17, 2024

Insulating your home with spray foam has so many benefits. With this type of insulation, you can improve your home’s temperature consistency and comfort and reduce moisture and pest infestations. You even get to save money as your home becomes more energy efficient. 

So, if you’ve decided on insulating your home with spray foam, you’ve made the right choice. However, you cannot enjoy the benefits we listed without employing a qualified insulation contractor. Therefore, in this article, we’ll guide you on how to pick a qualified contractor out of the many Dayton spray foam insulation services out there. Even if you don’t live in Dayton, you can follow this guide to choose the right spray foam insulation contractor. 

Certification and Experience

Spray Foam Insulation

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When you want to hire a spray foam insulation service, you must check their certification. Certifications prove the competence of the professional you want to hire to some extent. We saythis because certifications don’t guarantee that they will do a great job. That is why you need to confirm their experience level as well. 

Experience is not just about how long they’ve been in business but also how many projects they’ve successfully executed. Have they handled a project similar to yours? These are the things you need to find out. A contractor who is properly certified and trained and has practical experience will likely do a great job. 


Some people might not consider this important, but it is very important. Never hire a professional who doesn’t have insurance. If you hire someone without insurance, you’ll be liable for damage and injury that might occur when they install the spray foam in your home. 

Moreover, if the installation is done incorrectly, the contractor will refuse to take responsibility for it. Therefore, to save yourself this trouble, confirm that the contractor has insurance before you hire them. You have the right to ask them to provide their insurance certificate. 

Positive Reviews and Ratings

Spray Foam Insulation

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One way to find out if the contractor you want to hire is good at their job is to check online reviews. Online reviews will show you what previous customers have to say about the professional you want to hire. Doing this will help you decide whether to hire them or not. 

To check the reviews and ratings, use third-party review sites instead of the company’s website reviews. You can visit hubspot to check out some of the best customer review sites out there. Most companies will never post negative comments or reviews about themselves. 

Check how many positive and negative reviews they have. If the negative reviews are greater than the positive ones, you should look for another contractor. Do not hire a contractor without online reviews.

Safety Commitment and Measures

The service you choose must be committed to safety. Therefore, they must have safety measures in place to ensure that the project is executed smoothly. To assess the contractor’s commitment to safety, check out the equipment they use. 

Do they have caution signs, fans, and fresh air systems? The spray foam rig, which is the trailer or truck containing all that is needed to carry out spray foam insulation, should also be assessed. The rig’s condition will reveal how committed they are to safety. 

Building Science Knowledge

Spray Foam Insulation

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While these contractors are expected to be insulation specialists, it doesn’t hurt if they also have building science knowledge. Having basic building science knowledge will help them execute their job more effectively. Therefore, you need to ask them some simple building questions to test their knowledge level. Pay attention to these signs:

  • Do they provide a direct, truthful answer to your question?
  • Do they ask investigative questions when you describe a problem?
  • Can they explain why they think a certain product they want to use is the right option?

Willingness to Collaborate with other Contractors

A building project is carried out by different contractors in different fields. It is their collective input that produces the magnificent buildings that we see and admire. You can read this article to find out why collaboration in construction is key. All parties involved must work in unity to ensure the building project is successful. 

Therefore, you need to find out if the insulation service you want to hire is a team player. You can do this through online reviews. Another way is to ask other contractors you trust if they’ve worked with the insulation contractor before. Doing this will ensure that your project is executed smoothly. 


Spray Foam Insulation

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Spray foam insulation is a great insulation option with so many benefits. However, if the installation is not done correctly, you’ll not enjoy these many benefits. That is why hiring the right insulation contractor is important. The article above provides an easy guide on how to ensure you choose the right professional.

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