How and Where to Find an Architect? Twelve Critical Criteria for Selecting an Experienced Architect
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On December 12, 2022

One day the need arises “I urgently need an architect!” The day will come when you think about it; then there will be questions about where to find an architect and how to choose him; everything is unclear, whether to search among friends or to search on the Internet, what to do? Next, deal with the candidates and think about the essential thing: recognizing an experienced specialist, such as Vancouver architects. The safety and aesthetics of the place where you live, work, and rest are in the hands of an architect. Therefore, approach the choice with complete seriousness. Please consider the following criteria when searching for experienced professionals.

Style and portfolio of an architectural specialist

Selecting an Experienced Architect


What is your favorite architectural style? Do you want a mansion like Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) or a house in the woods like the Cullens from Twilight? Decide what you want and find an expert to create something similar. Check out his portfolio to see what style the architect worked in and whether he could do projects like Gair Williamson architects. The handwriting of the master is often visible. Notably, his work is more than drawings, design plans, and renderings. You need to see a photo of the finished object (constructed building).

Price segment

While you can do whatever you want within your budget, don’t overpay by hiring an architect. Experienced specialists work in different price ranges so that you can find decent options. Well-known professionals are more expensive and often have large teams, large projects, and large customer bases. The services of architects who have just finished their studies and are starting their professional life are cheaper. Looking for the most affordable architects is a terrible idea. Professional work is expensive. Also, searching for low prices can produce equally low results. You should not try to find the cheapest possible services, because the quality will be appropriate.

The field of activity of architects

Identify the topics and tasks the candidate will work on. Only some architects are engaged in the redevelopment of individual premises and the design of tiny houses. Everyone has their subtleties, priorities, and critical additional services they offer.

Geographical location

Selecting an Experienced Architect


You can look for employees in your city without looking for employees in your town. Some specialists visit facilities to meet with their clients and continue working remotely. Such cooperation options can positively affect your wallet; their services are much cheaper.

Architectural experience

Pay attention to the candidate’s work experience. An experienced architect understands all the nuances of designing and arranging buildings and how to communicate competently with clients. He has many projects and a clear and proven work plan. When the object is complex, and many details must be considered during the design, do not try to save it; immediately contact an experienced specialist.

The factor of existing architectural education

Do not hesitate to ask the candidate about his diploma. Professional architectural education is not a piece of paper on the nightstand. The diploma guarantees that the specialist has the competent and necessary knowledge for quality work on your project. Professionals are formed by constant improvement: training, master classes, courses, hackathons, and internships.

Highly specialized technical knowledge

Selecting an Experienced Architect


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If you dream of an energy-efficient house or an intelligent apartment, find an experienced architect to lead such a project. If the candidate is unfamiliar with modern technologies and there is no similar plan of completed projects in his portfolio, it is worth continuing the search further. In addition, if you are looking for an architect for large commercial projects, his knowledge of project management will be an essential advantage.

Personal Characteristics

The last step in choosing an architect is personal acquaintance and communication with him. To develop a quality architectural product, you need to work as a team with an architect. For a while, he is practically a part of your family. So make sure you are comfortable with this person.

A team of architects

Find out if the candidate for the architect position has a team of other employees who will work on the project. Also, find out if he can advise you (or independently choose) an experienced team of architects and other necessary specialists to implement project work.

The workload of a candidate for the position of the architect

Selecting an Experienced Architect


Do you want to move into your new home as soon as possible? Then be sure to ask for an answer from the person who will design your house. Maybe he is already working on some architectural projects; he will start working on your project after some time due to his busy schedule.

Feedback from customers

What do clients think of an architect? Satisfied clients of this professional may even be in your circle of friends. Architects can be good professionals but must succeed in suiting your character. So keep candidate ratings and reviews in mind, but keep them from deciding who gets the opportunity to do your project.

Employment contract

Remember to ask the candidate how the cooperation is going. It is recommended to sign the contract and write down all the details of the project in it. This official document must contain the scope, conditions, and budget of architectural works. Please make sure that all described services are included in the price. The contract also explains the obligations of the architect and the client, the procedure for payment, and sanctions for non-performance.

Now that you know how to find an architect based on these critical criteria don’t hesitate and continue your search.