10 Amazing Modern Cape Cod House Exterior Design Ideas
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On December 29, 2018

A modern cape cod house is a symbol of simplicity and elegance. With a timeless charm that has captivated hearts for centuries, Cape Cod architecture continues to inspire. This article explores the main exterior design parts that have kept Cape Cod houses popular in America. It gives lots of Cape Cod house exterior ideas providing a practical guide for homeowners to achieve a timeless Cape Cod aesthetic.

The Cape Cod style house has never gone out of style. In fact, year after year, these Cape Cod style houses have gained more admires. Its original style is very simple. Here we give some ideas and example of Cape Cod style houses:

Best Modern Cape Cod House Exterior Ideas

Cape Cod houses started in 17th-century New England because people needed practical homes. The early settlers had to deal with harsh weather near the coast. So, they built homes with low roofs, steep roofs to let snow slide off easily, and chimneys in the middle for warmth. This simple and useful style with its neat lines and lasting charm has stayed popular for a long time. Let’s explore some amazing exterior ideas.

1. Elegant Cape Cod House With Nature 

Cape Cod style home

Source: Homedit

This modern Cape Cod house mixes classic design with a modern twist. It has a balanced front with uniquely shaped windows. The lush green garden is stealing the hearts. This can be one of the best cape cod house exterior ideas to follow simplicity.

2. A Bold Pop Of Color 

Cape Cod style home

Source: Thoughtco

This modern Cape Cod takes a fresh spin on the traditional style. Notice how the classic white exterior is paired with a bold teal front door? It creates a visually striking contrast. Wondering if a pop of color might work for your own modern cape cod house exterior? This image offers a springboard for exploring unexpected color combinations.

3. Shingles Meet White in a Modern Cape Cod

Cape Cod style home

Source: Jhmrad

This cute Cape Cod home exemplifies the art of modernizing a Cape Cod house. The dark roof stands out with its clean lines and stark contrast against the white walls. Black shutters add a classy touch, but look closely – can you spot other things, like how the house is placed or the landscaping, that contribute to the modern feel?

4. Modern Details in a Quaint Cape Cod

Cape Cod style home

Source: Dfdhouseplans

This charming Cape Cod exemplifies how even a small Cape Cod style house interior can achieve a modern look. The traditional blue exterior takes on a modern feel thanks to its clean lines and crisp white trim.

Notice how the dormer windows on the slanted roof break from a symmetrical layout. The pop of sunshine yellow on the front door further adds to the playful vibe.

5. Charming Gray Cape Cod House

Cape Cod style home

Source: Bostonmagazine

It is a charming gray house that looks like it’s straight out of a storybook, with shingles on the walls that have been weathered by time. The windows are trimmed in white, adding a crisp touch against the gray. But what catches your eye is the front door, painted in a light blue that adds cheerfulness to the whole look.

6. Arched Entrance in a Cape Cod House

Cape Cod style home

Source: Thisoldhouse

The white exterior, complemented by the warm brown front door, sets a welcoming tone. Dormers peeking through the roof evoke cozy nostalgia. However, it’s the arched trellis supported by brick columns that hints at a fresh perspective—a modern Cape Cod interior design.

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7. A Modern Cape Cod With Perfect Rooflines And Dormers 

Cape Cod style home

Source: Bhg

This Cape Cod style home is nestled among lush greenery. Its front is perfectly balanced, with steeply pitched roofs and graceful dormer windows. The wooden siding, painted in a soft hue, adds warmth to the exterior. The bold blue front door makes a striking statement.


  • The Cape Cod style became super popular after World War II. New suburbs like Levittown have the most. They were seen as perfect first homes for soldiers coming back from the war and starting families.
  • Do you know those cute roof bumps? They were originally extra bedrooms. Nowadays, they can be cool spaces like offices and reading corners plus secret hideouts for your old stuff.
  • The steep roofs of Cape Cod houses aren’t just for looks. It’s designed to easily get rid of heavy snow.

8. Reimagining Modern Cape Cod Interior

Cape Cod style home

Source: Thebostonglobe

The traditional elements like the steep roof and dormer windows are highlighted by a mix of brick and wood. The pool area shows a modern twist with its clean lines and sleek chairs. The arched trellis suggests a sophisticated interior with curved elements. 

9. Turquoise Cape Cod House

Cape Cod style home

Source: Layjao

This house features a classic turquoise exterior with light color shutters and a gray shingled roof. It has a symmetrical facade with a central front door and two flanking windows. There are also dormer windows on the second floor which is real beauty of this design.

10. Modern Cape Cod With Balcony

Cape Cod style home

Source: Brightspotcdn

This two-story home has a modern Cape Cod style. It has a classic white exterior with clean lines and a double garage. Stepping stones lead to the entrance past colorful flower beds. The many windows give it a warm, welcoming feel. A unique feature is the balcony above the garage with a pergola top, perfect for relaxing outdoors.

Author’s notes

What I love about the new Cape Cod is how it keeps the charm of the old style with a feeling of comfort. Big windows fill the inside with sunlight and open layouts make the space feel big. I feel this style is most suitable for today’s relaxed lifestyles. Pick materials like polished concrete and big glass windows to add luxury without losing the warm feel of the Cape Cod look.

The new Cape Cod is also flexible enough to do experiments. It keeps key features like the low roof and even the front. Add features like solar panels to show off your style and values as a nature lover. Connect with nature by space optimization Whether you like the simple lines or want the warmth of natural wood, the new Cape Cod is a great starting point to make your dream home.

To Conclude

Now, you have a foundation for blending the classic charm of a modern Cape Cod house with the clean lines and innovation of modern design.  This fusion can create a beautiful, timeless home that perfectly suits your needs.

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