Future of Energy Effective Air Conditioning is Solar
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On October 25, 2021

Future of Energy Effective Air Conditioning is Solar

Air conditioning is a critical component in promoting a comfy and healthy indoor environment. If you’re in a hot area, your AC becomes more crucial in property maintenance. While cooling systems work efficiently to keep your indoor space cool, it’s at a high cost. Air conditioning is one of the top consumers of energy in your home and accounts for the biggest chunk of the energy bill.

A solar air conditioner is the most effective solution to reduce your cooling costs. Solar-powered appliances run on the cheaper and readily available sun energy converted into electricity.

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Breaking Down Solar Air Conditioning

Energy Effective Air Conditioning is Solar

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If you have a conventional air conditioner in your home or office, the system requires energy to transfer heat from the interior space to the environment. The complex AC system has several moving parts which rely on electricity from the grid. The system moves the liquid refrigerant through the evaporator coil and it collects the heat from the indoors to cool your living space.

The pump pushes the heated refrigerant gas into the condenser where it dissipates the absorbed heat into the environment. The processes in the AC are rapid and require a lot of energy to complete. This translates to a higher energy bill in the hottest months of the year.

Unlike the conventional air conditioner, solar air conditioning relies on electricity generated from the sun’s energy. The system comprises a solar panel array erected on the roof. The panels convert sunlight into electricity using semiconductors. The electricity generated then flows into an inverter, which delivers usable electricity for the solar air conditioner. The system can also include a storage system for improved reliability.

You can install a solar AC that’s fully off-grid. This unit requires a battery system to store electricity generated during off-peak hours. Hybrid solar air conditioners, on the other hand, can switch from solar to mains electricity.

Why Solar is the Future of Air Conditioning

Energy Effective Air Conditioning is Solar

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Powering air conditioners for the millions of people in Asia requires massive investment in energy production. Using these appliances also poses a big threat to the environment due to increased emissions. Here’s how solar energy can revolutionise air conditioning.

Averting the Threat of Climate Change

Much of the electricity powering residential, commercial and industrial properties is fossil-based. This has led to devastating effects on the environment including global warming. Solar energy promises to reverse the threat posed by global warming.

By using solar powered air conditioning, you’ll reduce reliance on fossil fuels which emit harmful substances into the air. Harmful greenhouse gases from burning of fossil fuels are a major factor in climate change. Installing solar panels to cool your home might not seem like a big move, but this is a major step towards saving planet earth.

Affordable Universal Cooling Systems

Energy Effective Air Conditioning is Solar

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Many homeowners across Asia have to contend with high energy bills as they have to cool their homes around the year. There are millions of households which forego the comfort and safety of an air conditioner because of the high cost. In other places, there’s unreliable electricity supply which makes air conditioning a luxury.

With affordable solar energy, it’s possible for households to live more comfortably. Solar panel systems harness the readily available sun energy and convert it to ready-to-use electricity. With the solar panel system, you’ll have access to more affordable electricity to power your appliances including the air conditioning.

If you’re struggling with a high energy bill every other month, it’s time to consider switching to a solar AC. With a solar AC system, you’ll reduce your monthly electricity bill. The cost savings can go to other household expenses.

Different Solar AC Systems

Energy Effective Air Conditioning is Solar

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Every property has unique cooling needs. If you want to switch to solar air conditioning, there are different systems to choose from namely:

Solar photovoltaic air conditioners: This is the most common solar AC and works just like a split system. The system relies on electricity generated from the solar panels

Solar thermal hybrid air conditioners: In this solar AC system, electricity from the solar panels helps the compressor in the refrigeration process. Other processes that require electricity including running the fans and other electric control components depend on electricity from the mains

Solar PV hybrid AC: This is a solar AC system which switches between solar power and battery power. The batteries charge when there’s a lot of sunshine. The system runs on the stored energy back-up to power your house

Solar-powered absorption AC/Absorption chillers: This is the most efficient solar AC system. The unit works through a heating and cooling process using water evaporation and condensation to produce cool air. Solar energy powers the fan and motor for the heat exchange process

Final Thoughts

Solar-powered air conditioning is a game changer.  The system helps cut the cost of cooling, reduce your property’s carbon footprint, and you enjoy a more reliable source of power for your AC unit. Switching to solar air conditioning is one of the smartest home improvement ideas.  

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