Tips for Selecting International Moving Companies
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On September 20, 2022

Are you moving abroad? This exercise itself is arduous enough to keep you awake at night. Plus, the very thought of transporting your stuff can be a nightmare too. However, do not fear. The article here is to help you get on top of things and select the best international moving company Thailand

A lot of work and preparations are involved when you are moving internationally. Since you have to sort out many important things, shipping your belongings shouldn’t be a worrisome affair. Several important pointers can help us reach the moving company suitable for our purpose and fits our budget-


International Moving Companies


Service quality is first and foremost. Do not compromise on it. How do we know that a particular company offers quality services? Before you zero down on an international shipping company, ensure that they have been in business for some years, have reviews and testimonials on their website, and their staff is qualified to handle international shipping. Plus, stay clear of companies that do not offer door-to-door services. They may be sub-contracting, and you do not want your precious items in the hands of unqualified or underqualified local movers. Any company that doesn’t offer door-to-door shipping services is hiring or sub-contracting. These middlemen may poorly handle your items and lack the required training or certifications. A professional international moving company will have positive customer reviews, certifications to show, and a staff that is trained to handle the shipping process safely. Plus, they will be accredited as well. All this may require you to pay more but then there is no price for quality service. As a further precautionary measure, whichever company you decide to go along with, do a background check on them and ensure they have a positive reputation.

Specific Experience

It’s one thing to be a moving company and another to specialize in international shipping. More risks are involved here. Therefore, zero down on a company that holds enough experience in managing international shipping. Several shipping companies may offer lucrative deals and discounts but do not get tempted. Read customer feedback and experiences regarding international shipping specifically. These companies will be better coordinated and organized in their process and most likely offer end-to-end services.

Budget Costs

International Moving Companies


keeping a bracket cost for international shipping can help you get a fair estimate. Some companies may offer lower prices, but they will have hidden costs like duty fees, fuel surcharge, insurance, etc. This will increase your overall budget. Hence, it is advised to go along with companies that quote full-service charges. Also, companies tend to advertise several quotes depending on your requirements; in terms of container size and type, distance, etc. Therefore, a company that keeps its base and additional costs clear is the one offering a transparent deal. Be clear of all expenses involved before signing on the dotted lines and beginning the shipping procedure. Do bear in mind that a reliable international mover will survey your items and calculate the distance and complexity involved before giving you an estimate quote.

Compare quotes

On the note of budgeting, we advise you to get at least three estimates from three different reputed companies. Do not go with the first company that offers a reasonable price. Compare separate quotes just to make sure that the costs are realistic. Here also beware to not just blindly compare pricing. Ensure to compare full quotes, including any hidden or additional costs.

Container Type

International Moving Companies


A thumb rule in shipping is- the more container space you use, the more you pay. Since shipping companies make money by utilizing the entire floor space, it is advised to pack your things as compactly as possible. You may be low on weight, but if your items occupy more space, you will shell out more money. Therefore, ship only the necessary items and try to pack them tightly. This way you will be able to pay for a smaller container. 

Packing your items- 

While we are on the topic of packing the items tightly, we suggest that; do not cheapen out here. Since you are moving stuff internationally, the risks of damage are higher. Therefore, beware of companies that offer packing prices too good to be true or free packing offers. They may be compromising on packing materials. An experienced and reputed moving company will charge a reasonable fee for packing fragile items. They will consult you on the items you plan to pack and ship and offer packing advice on the same.

Insurance Policies

International Moving Companies


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A worthy international mover does cover some basic liability costs that compensate for items lost or damaged during shipping. However, if you happen to ship some expensive items, then do buy cargo insurance. A professional moving company will provide sound insurance advice and may spell out available insurance policies for you. Do remember there are two different types of insurance involved. The first is cargo insurance which covers any damages caused to your items in transit. The second type is insurance liability which covers any damages caused to the items while they are in the care of the shipping company.

Stay ahead of things

Once you know you are crossing borders and moving, do not leave shipping for the last minute. A lot of planning and preparation goes into it. Start looking for international moving companies. Shipping your belongings is going to be a long and tedious process. There is paperwork involved regarding insurance, customs, inventory, etc. Moving domestically is way different than moving internationally. So get going and scout for that trustworthy moving company you are looking for. 

Custom expertise

Every country has its own customs laws. Any reputable and trustworthy company should possess the knowledge of the customs laws of the country you need to ship your things. They should be aware of all the formalities and regulations involved and arrange all the paperwork for you. A professional international packer and mover should tell you any customs fees or port charges involved beforehand so that Custom clearance is a smooth process for you. As a precautionary measure contact the local agent in the country where you are shipping your goods so that you aren’t caught off guard.

Payment options

International Moving Companies


Another important tip to remember is to know the payment options offered by the international mover. In fact, ask about the payment options before booking them. Do they accept cash, card, or check? Either way read the online reviews to get a better idea. Plus, do read the company’s cancellation and refund policy. Since most movers ask for a deposit do educate yourself regarding the terms and conditions involved.

Pet Transportation

As a last tip, let’s talk about relocating pets. Some of us who do have pets are aware that we cannot carry our pets while moving internationally. This is where international movers can help us. Make sure that the packers and movers you choose, do possess experience in relocating your pets and can handle the process safely. 

Concluding thoughts

Changing countries is a daunting but adventurous phase of life. It need not turn into a burdensome activity. Rather make your life easy by keeping in mind the leads mentioned above while selecting the best international moving company Thailand. 

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