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On October 13, 2020

Many homeowners tend to neglect their garages. So long as they can store their items inside, they see no need to declutter it. Often finding something in such a garage equates to looking for a needle in a haystack. Therefore, wouldn’t it be great if you organized for some junk removal from your garage?

In case you have a busy schedule throughout the week, you can plan on doing the clean-up over the weekend. However, if you’re ever busy, then an alternative option would be to call the junk removal experts to help you out. Here’s what you need to know when planning to declutter your garage:

You’ll need to Take Everything Out

junk removal from your garage


Before you even decide what stays and what goes for good, take everything out of the garage. You can do this on your own, or have a team of experts help out. The aim of taking everything out is to ensure no junk stays back.

You can place everything on your driveway and then begin to sort them out gradually. When you’re through with everything, take time, and arrange the things you’ve decided to keep.

Hire a Dumpster for the Junk Removal

Depending on the amount of junk you anticipate to have, you’ll need a befitting container. If unsure about the size, call your dumpster service, and consult. They’re in a better position to give you the right size of the dumpster. Be clear that you intend to use it for garage junk removal.

A dumpster helps to collect all the clutter you want to get rid of easily. Besides, once you’re done collecting the junk, the company can haul it away and dispose of it safely.

Lay Down a Proper Sorting System

junk removal from your garage


How are you going to decide what stays and what leaves? Taking everything outside is one thing. However, deciding what stays and what leaves as junk is another. Often this becomes the hardest part for many homeowners. Mostly this problem arises due to sentimental or personal attachments with items.

Unfortunately, people love to hoard stuff that they barely even use. And this is the number one reason for clutter accumulation. The basic rule of thumb here is – if you haven’t used an item for the past six months, then it isn’t important. Therefore, chances are that you don’t even need it anymore.

Decide What to Do With Junk

Sometimes you may not dispose of everything during a junk removal exercise. Some items may be useless to you at that time, but not to someone else in need. Therefore, you’ll need to decide what to do with the items you collect. Are you going to dispose of them, donate, or sell them?

If your option is to dispose of it, then it would be right to use a professional junk removal company. On the other hand, if you plan to donate some of the items, consider getting in touch with a local charity organization.

Some estates have garage sales, which form an effective platform for those wanting to sell their junk items. You can get a favorable quote on some of the items you thought were valueless. Just because you don’t need them anymore doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t.

Deep Clean the Garage after the Junk Removal Exercise

junk removal from your garage


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Once you’re done with the junk removal, it would be wise that you clean up the garage. You don’t want to get the dust out of it and return it altogether. Aside from the decluttering process, you equally need to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the space.

Some junk removal companies offer cleaning as an add-on service. Check with your local company if they do the same beforehand. However, if they don’t offer the service, you can organize for a deep clean inside the garage. Doesn’t have to be you doing it, as long as it is clean before taking items inside.

Make sure that the job is thorough. Scrub the walls, floor, and wipe the glasses. Start by dusting off, and then wipe it top to bottom. If you’re doing it yourself, you’ll need a damp cloth and a household detergent. After all, wipe the stuff outside before taking them in. It would be pointless doing such a thorough job only to get the dust back inside through the items.

Organize the Garage after the Junk Removal Exercise

Now, after completing all the nitty-gritty stuff inside the garage, you need to organize the garage. Don’t throw stuff back and revert back to the original state you found them. Instead, take things slowly to their rightful spots, without piling them disorderly.

The entire idea behind the decluttering process is to create some organized design, which you need to be true to.

Final Thoughts

junk removal from your garage


Organizing a junk removal shouldn’t be a hustle when you call the right professionals. Try and observe the tips above, as they’ll help you in this process

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