Window Repair In Ottawa? Trust Window Medics!
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On September 29, 2023

A damaged window is undoubtedly problematic and unsafe, taking into account that rusted hinges and sticking sashes could prevent your window from opening in an emergency situation. Also, rotting frames could collapse if you don’t get them fixed. A broken window can surely put you in a bad mood. You’re probably afraid of losing a lot of money. It doesn’t have to be that way! You just need to find a professional firm offering repair services. Window Medics is a worth-trusting company from Ottawa with long-term professional experience. They are always happy to fix what’s broken – especially windows, but they will also take care of the glass panels in your doors! Don’t let your broken windows (and doors) compromise your comfort and security for too long. Read the article and learn more about the Window Medics company and its range of services!

Why is it worth using the services of Window Medics?

Good windows should last not less than 20 years. Unfortunately, sometimes windows damage unexpectedly for various reasons. Your neighbour’s child can accidentally break a window with a stone or ball. Even water damage can cause you (and your windows) problems. Not to mention troubles with door hinges!

Luckily, Window Medics can help you even when the situation seems hopeless. This is one of the largest thermal windowpane restoration companies with one hundred service locations in the US alone. Window Medics employ over two hundred technicians providing world-class repair services to people living in the US and Canada.

Window Medics’ professionals always attempt to repair windows that can be repaired

Window Repair in Ottawa


Many people see no option but to replace their window with a new one. Lots of window repair companies offer replacement in the first place. This is a faster and easier option for them, but for you, this means incomparably higher costs. Luckily, trained professionals from Window Medics company are not afraid of such challenges. With years of experience, they know exactly what to do to restore your windows to their former glory. Thanks to their work and approach, you can save 50-70% of the cost of new windows and enjoy the old ones for the next several years!

Window Medics’ specialists always have the right solution to every problem

The fact that Window Medics’ specialists try to repair windows if possible does not mean that they don’t replace windows at all. They do, if necessary! They have the proper solution to every problem with your window, which in practice means that they will undertake window replacement if your existing windows are damaged beyond repair.

Window Medics offer new window installation, defogging, window glass replacement, and window glass repair. Ottawa is the main place of providing services. Window Medics’ professionals can replace your existing sidelites with tempered-glass, which is much more durable. They can try to repair/replace everything from window latches to door latches. It’s worth mentioning that they are specialized in repairing and replacing not only windows, but also doors (door glass). They will easily replace broken glass panes (single, double, or triple pane glass).

Residential window repairs – when do you know that your window needs fixing?

Window Repair in Ottawa


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Repair may be needed when your window won’t shut and causes too high temperature in your home during the summer months and too low temperature during the winter months. In that case, caulking seals gaps throughout the window system seems to be inevitable.

The inability to close and open windows is a problem that must be resolved as soon as possible. Sometimes, minor repairs are necessary just because windows are old. Another time, the problem is window frames. It is worth looking at them for mould and rot damage. The same applies to sills and drip caps. Bad seals between windowpanes have to be quickly repaired, too.

Moreover, broken glass is another thing that should not be neglected. Not repairing cracks and broken window glass can only worsen the damage. Also, burglars can potentially get interested in your “incomplete” window. Contacting window repair experts from Window Medics is a must then!

If you need window repair in Ottawa – contact Window Medics!

If you’re looking for someone specializing in window repair – Ottawa based company – Window Medics is the best choice. Trust the professionalism offered by their technicians, who are available 24/7 for you! Do not hesitate to contact them, regardless of the time of the day. They will provide you with a free estimate, so you won’t have to be unsure about the price. Feel free to call them (613) 519-1317, email them ( or contact them through an inquiry form on-site. You can, of course, find them offline, too! Find them at 900 Greenbank Road, K2J4P6 Nepean Ottawa!


Window Repair in Ottawa


Window Medics in Ottawa is the only reasonable choice when it comes to repairing and replacing windows. This company provides services at the highest quality level. They will “breathe life” back into your old windows, even if they are in a sorry state. Trust their experience and our recommendation!