18 Most Beautiful Catholic Churches in USA - The Architecture Designs
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On August 11, 2018

In the USA, churches are just as intriguing as their counterparts. The fact behind those architectural masterpieces is downright biblical. In the USA, there have 12 most beautiful churches and which are architecturally inspiring. Everyone could visit those beautiful churches, there has no religious issue.

The most popular churches in the USA are:

1. San Miguel Mission, Santa Fe, New Mexico

catholic churches in usaSource:nmcatholic.blogspot.com

This is one of the oldest catholic churches in USA founded by the group of Mexican Indians from Tlaxcala. It is also known as SAN MIGUEL CHAPEL, the Spanish colonial mission church. The interior design is old-fashioned and classic.

2. Francis Xavier Church, Leonardtown, MD


It is the first country’s designated historic district in St. Mary’s country. It’s also one of the oldest catholic churches in USA. It is a rectangular building with shaped brick additions which looks traditional and unique.

3. Cathedral of San Fernando, San Antonio, Texas

catholic churches in usaSource:en.wikipedia.org

This church was found by a group 15 families who came from the Canary Islands. It occupies a unique and special place in the city and also for the visitors. It has ecumenical, cultural and civic styles and has a rich historic response among the people.

4. Mission San Diego de Alcala, San Diego, California

catholic churches in usaSource:newsela.com

This is California’s first mission church. This is the remarkable historical religion which provided the beginning and appreciation of Catholicism. It has great architecture designs.

5. Mission San Juan Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA

catholic churches in usaSource:californiamissionguide.com

This is California’s first church and is a national historic landmark. It is also known as mother of missions. It has a beautiful facade and picturesque garden. The place is unique and full of peace.

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6. St. Ignatius Church, Port Tobacco, MD

catholic churches in usaSource:flickr.com

This is one of the most beautiful catholic churches in USA, where buildings are old and interesting. It is recognized as the oldest Jesuit residence in the world. It also has a graveyard next to the church.

7. Mission San Francisco de Asís (Chapel), San Francisco, California

catholic churches in usaSource:trip-n-travel.com

This church is one of the oldest buildings in San Francisco. It has two buildings side by side. It was established by the California chains of missions. The architectural style was influenced by San Diego’s panama-California exposition. 

8. St. Francis Xavier Church, Warwick, MD

catholic churches in usaSource:flickr.com

This church is also known as Old Bohemia, a historic Roman Catholic churches in Warwick, USA. It was found by a Society of Jesus mission. It is an attractive place in a remote area.

9. San Felipe de Neri Church, Albuquerque, NM

catholic churches in usaSource:flickr.com

This is a historic catholic churches in USA located on the north side of old town plaza in New Mexico and is one of the oldest buildings in the city. The church has fusion of elements from different periods which makes it different compared to other churches.

10. Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine, St. Augustine, FL

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catholic churches in usaSource:trekearth.com

This is a historic cathedral in St. Augustine located at Cathedral place between Charlotte and St. George Streets. The facade has the combination of Spanish mission and Neo-classical styles.

11. Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo, Monterey, CA

catholic churches in usaSource:sancarloscathedral.org

This is California’s first cathedral which stands for the birth of Caramel Mission and Monterey. This has a Spanish colonial style and royal Chapel, a true architecture jewel. It has a unique interior design with warm inspiration.

12. Mission San Xavier del Bac, Tucson, Arizona

catholic churches in usaSource:fineartamerica.com

This can also be considered as one of the most beautiful catholic churches in USA due to its elegant white stucco and Moorish inspired exterior. This was founded by chains of Spanish missions in Sonoran Desert and one of the finest examples of Spanish architecture. 

13. St Louis Cathedral-Basilica, New Orleans, Louisiana

catholic churches in usaSource:thousandwonders.net

The city New Orleans is recognised by this historic landmark and is one of the oldest catholic churches in USA. This church has been reconstructed number of times. It has a mixture of Spanish and French Neo-gothic style.

14. Church of the Holy Family, Cahokia, Illinois

catholic churches in usaSource:en.wikipedia.org

This is a Roman catholic church located in Illinois City in Cahokia, USA, mostly recognised as an example of French colonial construction. This is unique due to the wooden base. 

15. Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, New York City

catholic churches in usaSource:paththroughhistory.iloveny.com

This is the mother church of Episcopal Diocese of New York. This church serves people liturgical, cultural and civic events and is one of the largest churches in the world. 

16. Washington National Cathedral, Washington, D.C.

Washington National Cathedral (Washington): it was built in September 1990. It took eighty-three years to build. Cathedral is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm (sat 1 pm to 4pm).

catholic churches in usaSource:paththroughhistory.iloveny.com

It is an American cathedral of Episcopal Church located in Washington D.C. It was listed as America’s favourite architecture. Best place if you are trying to visit historic places.

17. Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA

catholic churches in usa


This is also an Episcopal Church in the heart of San Francisco. The total plan is based on the French Gothic cathedral. This church is full of grace and beauty, visitors will love this place.

18. Cathedral of Saint Paul, St. Paul, MN

catholic churches in usaSource:en.wikipedia.org

This is a Roman Catholic cathedral, one of the most beautiful catholic churches in USA. The interior is full of stained glass windows and marbles. This is beautiful and unique. 

St. Mary of the Angels (Chicago): in 1899, the first St. Mary of the angels was built in northwest Chicago. But now it became a parish school. It is designed in the cross shape. The Stations of the Cross, stained glass windows inside the church, images of angels and saints and various biblical scenes like, painting of Jesus and Virgin Mary that was mind-blowing.

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