Understand Your Air Conditioner Control Symbols
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On November 23, 2020

Most people who live in extreme weather conditions have invested in air conditioners. It is also possible to invest in the machine but still not be able to maximize its use. Knowing how to use the air conditioner is the best way to get value for your money. Many people have a challenge in using the unit because the manufacturers do not write on the buttons. They use symbols that are not easy to understand. It is thus important to ask your installing company to help you. If you buy the unit from a professional company, they will make sure they explain everything to you during installation.

Air Conditioner Control Symbols

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However, not every dealer will have the time to educate you. Another option will be to read the manual. It is important to make sure you have the manual to explain to you how to use the machine. Keeping the manual close to the air conditioner will help you check out if you forget the symbols. You will have to use it a lot during the first days before you master everything. It is also important to note that different brands use different symbols. And thus, it is not easy to operate a different system from the one you are used to before taking the time to understand it.

Here are some of the aircon control symbols from the most common brands. You can keep them in mind in case you do not have a manual.

The Circle with a Vertical bar Symbol

Air Conditioner Control Symbols


Most of the brands use this symbol to indicate either on or off. It is pretty simple, and most people will not only learn, but they will remember it as well. The only thing you need to understand is whether the bar will be horizontal or vertical when it means on or off. You can master that as soon as you install the system.

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The Sun Symbol

Air Conditioner Control Symbols

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Another symbol that is easy to remember is the sun. Brands that use this symbol use it for heat. Once you put the heat mode on, it will warm the room because it will be warming the air and blowing it inside.

The Plus and Minus Symbol

Air Conditioner Control Symbols

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You will find these two buttons placed almost in the same position on the remote. You will need to use the buttons when adjusting the temperature of your room. If your room temperature is higher than the desired one, all you need is to use the minus button. It will soon reduce the temperature. You will have to use the other button when the temperature falls below what you want.

Fan Symbol

Air Conditioner Control Symbols

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Another symbol that you will find in many brands is the fan symbol. When you activate the symbol, you allow the internal fan to circulate air in the room. It is not for either cold or warm air in room, but it circulates the air.

Also there are many more signs that are not explained in this article but which are critical. Keeping the machine in your home when you do not know how to operate it effectively will be under using it. In the absence of the manual and guide from the installer, you can use the internet. From the manufacturer’s website, you will get all the information you need.

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