Ultimate Guide on How to Build Under Stair Storage
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On November 21, 2020


Under the storage room is a perfect way to conserve your home space, using other unused space underneath your staircase. There are different choices under the stair space, starting from designed shelves to entirely disguised, push-up shelves and cabinets to open. A skilled DIY lover with simple equipment and materials will often achieve this under storage programs. Just be careful to design and weigh the room carefully and pay special attention to cutting angles.

Things Required

Build Under Stair Storage

source: staircasestorage.com

  • Stud finder
  • Pencil
  • Drywall saw
  • 1⁄2 plywood
  • Circular saw
  • Safety glasses
  • Drill
  • 2 in 1 screw
  • Wood trim
  • 2 inches nails
  • Hammer
  • Shelf pins

Draw boxes on the shelves

Using an angle as a reference to check that the lines while drawing are straight and level. Place the frame’s ends on the sides of the paddles to get the best storage possible. Take a few moves from the walls to see if you are pleased with the bins’ arrangement. Note down the box measurements and keep them in mind later.

Cut through the drywall

Build Under Stair Storage

source: staircasestorage.com

Shake a depression with drywall seen around the side of the stump through the drywall. Track the tip of the buckle with the saw blades to carve out the boxes’ outlines. Keep slices as straightforward as you can so that you do not affect the other nearby drywall. When the boxes have been filled, remove the drywall from the ground.

Saw pieces of plywood

Take ample plywood to make the box sizes profound. Draw sections on the surface with all the boxes so that you can cut them conveniently out in the contours. Using a rotating saw to slice the bits and position the timber on a smooth surface. Use power tools to shield the eyes, wear protective glasses. The wood can also be chopped with a handsaw, but it takes more time, and lines can be crunchier. If you have no material at home, the shop workers where you ordered the plate will cut the parts to size for you.

Joint the pieces

Fit together the sides of the container to create a rectangular frame fitting the hole you are removing. Once the framework is sized, screw the ends all 4-6 cm together to hold the structures attached. Place a flat plated wood on the frame to create the back of the rack. Mount the plate on the sides. The other boxes proceed in the same manner. Check the layout of the containers under the measures sometimes to ensure that they fit. Just five sides of the packs can be left open to allow objects to be inside.

Drill parallel sets of holes on each side of the boxes

Build Under Stair Storage

source: impressiveinteriordesign.com

Begin the first 3-4 feet from the base of the case, so the whole front edge is 2 inches. Take the box to the timber and pull it onto the plywood 1/4 inch and position another hole at 10-12 centimeters, at the same level as this one. Every three excavations are continued to create parallel sets such that they make horizontal lines. On another side of the frame, repeat the same procedure so that the holes are linear. If you like more giant cabinets or do not plan to change them, you can further split the spot. Place a panel on your package’s sides to use it as a reference to locate your hole.

Screw the box

Place the package in your well so the sides of the drywall are clean. Place a 2-inch wrench within the box and fasten it into the bolt. Keep bringing the torches down the box’s height on each side every 6 inches (15cm) so that they are kept safe. You need to re-install the mechanism in some other boxes. Ask an assistant to keep the boxes constant as you twist them in so they do not come out unintentionally. If the package is too tiny, place separators between the grips and the package to widen the holes.

Add cut around the outer end 

Build Under Stair Storage

source: realhomes.com

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Get pieces of wood that complement the design of your space so that they do not overlap. Remove the trim, so the bits are the same measurements as the box sketches on your circular screen. Keep the frame against the package edge to protect the sides that are uncovered. To lock your bolts, use two nails or screws. Your nearest home or hardware store will buy wood trim. You may not have to apply to trim, so you can see the bare corners of the drywall if you don’t.

Insert shelf pins into boxes

Custom pins have a curved edge that fits the spaces and a straight end to protect the specific regiments. Get shelves pins that fit into the gap on the sides of the case, then drive them straight over each other. Place the pins so that they are as high as the racks within the box to make sure the smooth sides are parallel to the floor. Also, don’t use tiny shelf pins as they break out and don’t protect your racks.

Attach wooden pieces on pins

Build Under Stair Storage

source: decoist.com

Measure the boxes’ inner diameter so that you know how long your shelves will last. Using a 1.3 cm splinter and split it with the circle tool to the very same width and depth as your package. Glide the placeman into the cabinet, and it lies snugly on the tops of the shelves. Take the shelves and ensure that it does not waver or come off. When the shelf wavers, make sure the pins are on the same height. Very few or as many shelves as you like can be put inside the case.

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