Why is composite fencing better than wood?
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On September 13, 2022

Both composite fencing and wood fencing are used for the same purpose, but there are several ways in which these two forms of fencing differ. The wood fencing market has had very few competitors up until relatively recently; nevertheless, composite manufacturers such as Luxury Screens are now providing an alluring alternative to the standard material. When the numerous components of composite fence boards are melted together during the manufacturing process, the material produced is noticeably more long-lasting than the components that went into the development of the composite fence boards. After that, these components can be pultruded by combining them with various resins in the following step. This concludes the production of the product. They manufacture an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fencing that can be used in its place.

Wood flooring is less expensive to install initially than composite or vinyl flooring, although it requires more regular maintenance than any of those options. At the absolute least, pressure washing should be performed on a wooden fence once or twice yearly. This required maintenance. In the meantime, fencing constructed of cedar or redwood can be permitted to deteriorate slowly due to exposure to the elements over time. It is suggested that a clear preservative be applied once every few years at the prescribed intervals. The cost of a wood fence may be more expensive in the long term than other types of fences. This is because a wood fence requires more maintenance than other types of fencing.

Which type looks the best?

composite fencing better than wood

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Composite fencing has a modern appearance and is resistant to UV rays. This means that the colour of your fence will experience very little to no fading over time and will continue to look fantastic for many years to come without the need for painting or staining. Composite fencing requires no maintenance other than occasional cleaning with soap and water. Because composite fencing is available in such a wide variety of colour options, you can be certain that you will be able to find one that is compatible with the overall look of your garden.

Using wooden fences in your garden will lend an air that is more rustic and traditional, and you can give these fences any number of coats of paint to achieve the desired look. However, after a year or two, the appearance of your fence can begin to change and become dated. Many people don’t give much thought to the appearance of the fence from the outside, even though they may maintain it so that it looks nice inside their yard. This is especially important to keep in mind if the fence in question is located along a walkway since it is possible that the structure will not be as aesthetically pleasant around the exterior of your property as it is within your garden.

Composite as Fencing Material

composite fencing better than wood

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There are several advantages to using composite panels, but there are also several potential drawbacks. Wood is a material closer to nature than composite panels, which are unnatural. Wood fibres and plastics that can be recycled are both components of this material’s make-up. These are the two distinct kinds of materials that are used in the construction of composite fencing panels.

WPC panels cost more than wood panels. Therefore if you want to construct a fence out of composite material, you will need to spend more money than you would have on a wood fence. This is because WPC panels are more durable than wood panels. Even though it is more expensive than wooden fencing, composite fencing has several advantages that wooden fencing does not have, including the following: If you construct your fence, it is recommended that you use composite materials rather than wood because they have a longer lifespan. This is due to several factors: a composite fence has a far longer lifespan than a wooden fence. Applying any treatment to a composite fence is unnecessary to remain in good condition for many years.

A wooden fence is more prone to sag and buckle over time than a composite one because wood expands and contracts at different rates. Additionally, it is not feasible to break, splinter, or shatter the material. In addition, composite fences, as opposed to wooden fences, will add to the visual value of the exterior of your property, which is an advantage over having a wooden fence. The composite panels have a great appearance, which they may keep for many years without the colour is faded, and they have a nice appearance, to begin with. A composite fence will require significantly less maintenance throughout its lifetime than a conventional wooden fence. In contrast to a wooden fence, a composite one does not require sanding, painting, or staining to maintain its appearance.

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In addition to this, the composite panel is resistant to the negative effects that dampness might have. Applying sealants is not required to make anything watertight and moisture-resistant. In addition, the panels made of WPC are resistant to infestations of termites. If you construct a wall with WPC fencing, termites won’t be able to eat through it or cause any damage to it in any way.


composite fencing better than wood

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In today’s world, the use of wood fencing, even though it has a beautifully natural appearance, cannot be regarded as a choice that is environmentally conscious and is also not sustainable. On the other hand, Luxury Screens has always emphasised environmental protection from the very beginning, well before the vast majority of people had even heard of the phrase “environmentally conscious.”

Most of our goods are constructed using recycled materials, which account for more than 95% of the total. We prevent the annual landfill disposal of more than 500 million pounds of plastics and wood waste. This total includes both single-use and multi-use plastics and wood trash.

If you choose wood fencing, you will need to apply chemicals to it regularly (for example, paints, stains, and sealants) to prevent the material from deteriorating. This is necessary to prevent the material from deteriorating. If you decide to go with our approach, the only maintenance that will be required of you will be an occasional hosing down to get rid of the dust. However, if you do not go with our approach, you will be responsible for all upkeep.


composite fencing better than wood

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When you select Luxury Screens for your privacy fence, you will be able to experience the natural beauty of wood throughout the entirety of the fence’s lifespan. Because we designed our materials to mimic the appearance of finished wood, many people cannot tell the difference between the natural beauty of polished wood and our materials, which we produced to look like finished wood.

In contrast to wood, which has a lovely appearance when it is first placed but rapidly loses that charm, our fences maintain their appeal throughout their useful lives as a material. To keep the beautiful appearance of damaged wood, it is vital to preserving it on a routine basis by repairing and resealing it regularly, often once a year. Even in that scenario, the fence won’t be able to maintain its brand-new look, and in the time leading up to the next maintenance effort, it will become increasingly unattractive. On the other hand, our fences will not suffer from rapid deterioration and will, even after a number of years have gone since they were installed, continue to look nearly as lovely as the day they were put up.


composite fencing better than wood

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Even though the price of Our composite wood fencing materials is frequently higher than the price of wood (depending on the type of wood and the style of fence you choose), the value of Our composite is significantly higher. This is because Our composite is made from recycled wood and plastic, both made from recycled materials.

If you use your Luxury Screens as they were designed, you won’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs for around one-quarter of a century after they have been put in your home. When our products are put in a residential setting, we guarantee that they will be free from significant flaws in the quality of the craftsmanship and the components used for twenty-five years (10 years in a commercial installation). The manufacturer’s warranty ensures that your fence will not crack, splinter, rot, or suffer any structural damage caused by termites or fungal decay. In addition, the warranty covers any other forms of structural damage.

Your wooden fence will require annual maintenance, including repairs, resealing, and repainting, all of which will involve an expenditure of either your time, money or both (or the cost of paying someone else to do it). Compared to the lifespan of a fence made from Luxury Screens, the lifespan of a fence made from wood requires considerable repairs or replacement after a significantly shorter period, even if regular care is performed on the wood fence.

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