Concerned Sign When Your Home Might Have a Pest Problem
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On March 25, 2020

Pest control experts will tell you that they often come across clients that are not aware they have a pest infestation on their hands. It’s only when the pros get called in that they can detect signs that they’re right there living under the same roof as you. There are signs that you as a homeowner can look out for that could put up a red flag that it’s time to do something before you have a full infestation on your hands.

Look for lots of spiders


If these eight-legged critters have decided your home is a good place to move in, you know it’s for one reason only. There is plenty of food inside. Spiders eat insects, so it goes without saying if they’ve moved in, there’s a regular supply of insects for them to chew on. You do not see the insects because the spiders are keeping the numbers down, but it doesn’t mean they’re not there. A pest control inspector will locate the spider restaurant and get rid of the bugs and spiders at the same time. If you wants to pest control omaha ne then best post control agency will help you too clean your place from bugs.

Look out for ladybug parties


Ladybugs look cute, but they are actually predators that hunt down their prey. If you’re seeing them buzzing around your garden, you know they are likely there for their favourite food – aphids. Let them do their thing in your garden, but if you start seeing ladybugs inside your home, watch out. They are likely coming indoors to snack on mites and other kinds of scale insects.

Listen out for tapping in your walls


Late at night, when the household is quiet, you may hear a faint sound coming from your walls. If you hear this tap tap sound, it’s a sure sign that you have termites in your walls. There could be a number of sub nests in your home and a full termite colony nearby. You want to get on top of a potential termite problem as soon as possible as their presence can lead to very costly damage.

Look out for what looks like fish scales

When termites reach a stage where they want to reproduce to establish a new colony, they swarm. Swarming is a common problem on the east coast of Australia, particularly in Brisbane. During the process, they shed their wings, which can look like tiny fish scales that collect in piles. If you come across this in your garden, it doesn’t mean you have a termite infestation on your hands, but you could be a risk of a new colony moving in.

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Look for mud tubing on your outside walls


Termites are known to build small tubes made out of saliva and dirt or soil to protect themselves as they move between their nest and your home. Mud tubes that appear on your outside wall are a sure sign that your home is at risk of a termite infestation.

Look for small droppings

Termites also produce a waste product called frass. They are small pellets of wood, which are actually termite droppings. This indicates they are feeding on wood nearby, and it’s time to stop them in their tracks to prevent further damage to your property.

Look for peeling paint or weak flooring


Sagging floors or peeling paint is another sign you have a termite infestation issue. When termites burrow, they leave behind moisture that can lead to these issues.

Look for shredded paper

If you see piles of what looks like confetti lying around your home or garage, it could be a sign that mice are establishing a nest on your property.

Listen for fluttering in your walls

Bats are jumpy creatures and seek quiet spaces. At night if you stomp around your home or make a loud noise, you could disturb them. They will give themselves away by fluttering or even squeaking.

Look for sawdust on the floor


Carpenter bees are another kind of pest that hit wood on your property. They make round holes in everything from decks to window frames. They don’t eat it, they are just trying to create a place to serve as shelter. When they drill, they leave behind the telltale sawdust. You want to evict them asap to prevent damage to your property.

If you see an anthill on your property

Anthills differ according to the species and where you live in the world, but one thing is universal – signs of an anthill on your property is not a good thing.

Check your garage is sealed


If you have a garage that is left open often or isn’t weatherproofed, you are practically inviting pests to infest your home. Look at your property as a whole and identify areas that are vulnerable to pests entering. This includes the roof, attic, foundation, and vents.

Be alert if you bought used furniture

Buying vintage furniture can bag you some bargains – but also some nasty surprises. If you purchase an item, check it carefully to ensure there are no signs of pests such as bed bugs.

The last thing you want to do is bring pests into your home with a piece of furniture that is infested at the architecture designs.

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