Make Your Wall Ready For Painting
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On March 25, 2020

Do you want to give your wall a new look? If yes, then you don’t have to do anything impossible, you only have to give your wall a fresh paint. You can change the color of the wall paint, or you can paint it with the same color as the walls. Before you start painting the wall, you need first to prepare your wall ready for the painting, and this can be quickly done by reading this guide.

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You can even take the help of professionals like GI painters is Boynton Beach’s premier paint contractor. This agency is known for its high-quality painting service as they use premium products for giving a great look to your house. You need to take all the furniture out of the room or placing them in the center and then covering the furniture with the protective sheets.

What to Do When Preparing the Newly Plastered Wall for Painting?

If the wall you want to paint is newly plastered, then you only need to apply the primer and the used roller to make the paint even. After that, you need to use a sealer if you don’t want to waste too much paint while painting. Make sure you give the wall time to dry completely so that you start decorating it.

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What to Do When Preparing the Older Wall for Painting?

The old surface of the wall may be filled with many cracks or holes or may not be smooth, if you want to do paint the old surface then all you need is to follow the steps given below:

First, you need to fill all the cracks and holes

For this, you may require flexible filler, filling knife, sandpaper and sugar soap. You need to clean the gaps by using the sugar soap and then start filling the flexible filler by using the filler knife. Don’t use too much filler as you will not want the extra filler to fall on the floor. Once the filler is pushed inside the gap, use the sandpaper to smooth down the wall.

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Second, you have to sand the walls.

You need to sand all the walls of your house by using the sandpaper as it will your wall the smooth surface so that the paint can bind perfectly well to the surface.

Lastly, clean the walls of your house

Use the soap solution to remove any mucky fingerprints or grease from the walls. Don’t forget to wear gloves while using the soap solution for cleaning the walls and in the end, use warm water to finish the cleaning process.

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What to Do When Preparing the Wallpapered Surface for Painting?

Before you start painting the wall which has wallpaper installed, you first need to remove the wallpaper. Because if you paint over the wallpaper, then the finishing of the painting will not be smooth. So, follow the below-mentioned steps to remove the wallpaper from the wall:

  • The things that you need for your little wallpaper removing adventure are a bucket, sponge, wallpaper stripping solution, sandpaper, stripping knife, and sugar soap.

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  • Use the stripping knife to cut out the wallpaper; however, make sure you are hurting the plaster behind it. Slowly and steadily, you remove all the paper from the wall.
  • You need to soak the wallpaper with the warm water, and then by using the sponge, you need to remove it carefully.
  • You can even use the stripping solution to remove the wallpaper easily because, in this, you have soaked the wallpaper with the solution and then strip it off using a knife.
  • Once done, use sandpaper to sand the walls and now use soap water to remove the grease and clean the wall using water.

Now your wall is ready for paint. You can use paint of any color to give it a beautiful look. If you are painting the wall on your own, then you should use the best quality paint so that your wall looks smooth and exquisite and see the best ideas at the architecture designs.

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