How to Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven
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On August 31, 2020

Which is the favorite food for the maximum number of people? We have got up with the conclusion that the favorite food of most of the people is pizza, which is made up of wheat flour, corn flour, and many vegetables, full of cheese and many more, which is not at all going to be harmful for your health, if it was made in oven which is the just outside of your house. Pizza outside the place where we would love to eat pizza, and then a question arises, how can we make pizza ovens outside? But we must say why it is not possible. Obviously, we can do anything, then making an oven for pizza outside is not a big task. We just need a few materials which you can get easily outside in any hardware store.

Outdoor Pizza Oven


Though it is not a tough task but requires lots of hard work to build an accurate oven, which is not going to get affected by the weather outside and many more consequences. If we talk about what is the cost of it? It is going to be cheaper than eating unlimited times. As, if you have your own oven which does not consume electricity as the other microwave oven consumes. We are aware that the most consumption of electricity is done with gadgets which require much heat, for example, an oven, refrigerator, TV. Oven consumes the most electricity which is 3000 Ampere or even more. We have been searching which is the better option for us to have unlimited, spicy and tasty pizza.

Having an outdoor pizza oven would be a better option to get many advantages. As we are trying to get rid of the high bills due to electricity we have to do some physical activities, we have to search for woods and some more burning materials which turn on our oven to get ready for making pizza. Somehow if you manage to buy them then you can go with it or else take a visit to the forest and cut down a tree but cutting trees is not a good thing for that you must germinate 10 trees. Thus whenever looking for wood in your oven, work with the policy of “Cut 1 and plant 10”. After then when you are ready with the materials, do follow the proper working steps. Let us have a look at how the pizza oven works.

How does a pizza oven work?  

Outdoor Pizza Oven


 The very step to be taken is cleaning off your oven in a way that there is no ash left of your before processes but if it is a new one then don’t worry you don’t have to clean, though maintain it in a proper way before using it. After that put the woods inside the dome and spread some fast burning materials. Start the fire and let the oven burn for at least 30 minutes, once when the temperature of the oven reaches to the range of 750 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit your oven is ready to use now.

Make perfect dough for your pizza base and put it in the oven for 5 – 10 minutes to achieve the chewy perfection. Do not keep it for too long otherwise your material will get burned out and if you keep it for a short time then you will get improperly baked out material which will be sticky in nature. If you have a bit of experience about this then you’ll lead to perfection.

After that take out your base, put on the ingredients and obviously the favorite thing is cheese on it. Keep this all things in your oven, keep it for a minute or two not for too long and yay your pizza is now ready to go in your tummy.

Wood – fired pizza is the best pizza you will get in your life, it consists of the real taste of nature in it, making it the best. Wood smoke imparts the rich savory taste in it. The taste obtained from this natural oven is the best taste ever and no kitchen oven can match this taste obtained by nature.

Before constructing the oven outside in your lawn you have to take permissions by homeowner’s association (HOA), you have to clarify your planning details if you want to proceed further with your project. Do keep building codes and zoning restrictions associated with the building in mind for better construction.

Project regulation

Outdoor Pizza Oven


  •         It is going to take your 2-3 days working time.
  •         To obtain a totally complete look it will take you 7 days.
  •         Cost for making a complete pizza oven, would be $300-$400.


  •         Rubber mallet
  •         Tape measure
  •         Spray bottle filled with water
  •         Circular saw
  •         Jigsaw
  •         Cordless drill
  •         Metal snips
  •         Vessels for storing concrete
  •         Mason’s travel
  •         Hammer
  •         Masonry chisel
  •         Carpenter pencil


  •         You need a 4 foot-by-4 foot piece of melamine faced medium density fiberboard (MDF) panel.
  •         Quick set concrete so that the working hours won’t exceed.
  •         Screws 15/8 inch long.
  •         Silicone caulk, black or any other dark color
  •         Bricks
  •         Mortar
  •         Plywood lengthening 18 inches by 18 inches
  •         Some pounds of sand
  •         A sheeting  of plastic is required
  •         6 inch diameter by 2 foot round metal duct pipe
  •         Release agents

The above stated materials are all available at any of the hardware shops nearby you. Though, the costing of all the materials is already stated in the project regulation section. After then when you are done with the purchasing of your material, follow the instructions stated below.


Outdoor Pizza Oven


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By following the instructions stated below you will be then clear about how to build an outdoor pizza oven?


Select the area wherever you are going to build your oven after that take a survey and start making a diagram on a sheet. Now start making your plan as per your needs, planning to minimize the chances of failure and increasing your clarity regarding your projects.

Building the base

As we know, an outdoor oven will work on the process of burning wood. Thus the base must be solid and fireproof. In short it must be capable of bearing the load of the constant increasing temperature. For this purpose use quick set cement which is nothing but concrete pavers, create a cast slab it will provide you the best flexibility whether it is in terms of construction or appearance. Do cast the slab and the location of your oven closely.

Once done with this, start building a mold for the bottom with the help of melamine faced MDF, at first cut a large piece for the bottom surface then cut the mesh to 35 inches by 35 inches to create four side pieces.

Building sidewalls

Take MDF wood and cut them with the help of circular saw in a way that they are 36 inches long and 23/4 inches wide. Superimpose them with the bottom of the mold you have created if they didn’t superimpose then cut them accordingly. Attach them with the help of 15/8 screws, after that inject silicone caulk at every 90 degree edge, give them a perfect finish with your fingers and at last coat the mold with a releasing agent.

Concreting the mold

Outdoor Pizza Oven


This step comes in one of the best steps as this step is going to provide your construction utmost strength. All you need to do is make a mixture of concrete and pour about 1 inch of it in the mold. Use mallet to tap the mixture gently so that it gets settled down in a perfect manner. The process will take at least 2 days to get cured up, keep on misting water to avoid the cracks.

Removing base from the mold

After your construction gets cured from the concrete layering remove the base from the mold. Take help of someone and turn upside down the slab then extract the lower form.

Fitting the lower bricks

With the help of this step you are going to achieve a perfect footprint for your outdoor oven. Usually the oven consists of two areas: front arch opening and back doomed which is kept packed. To achieve both the areas we have to lay the bottom with bricks on a concrete base. Make a double stacked construction in a way that both the bricks are parallel to each other and kept 18 inches apart, use at least five bricks to form an arch, and finish with a mallet. The rear dome is easy to make as there is no opening in it, all you need to do is make some halve bricks with the help of hammer and masonry chisel, now create an arch similar to front opening but in this case pack that arch with the help of bricks you made.

Front arch forming

Outdoor Pizza Oven


Create two side walls by mortaring two stacks of two bricks and keep them 18 inches apart for the perfection. Now for building arch take some bricks and put them on edge across those stacks, after that take a carpenter’s pencil and start drawing arch on it in a way that it extends from the inner side of the wall to the other side of the wall. Cut the arches with jigsaw. Do not throw the cut pieces they can be used further.

Finalizing the arch

This step is the most complicated step, you need to create an arch form after that place it 3 inches apart between the side walls. Take some bricks though to support the arch form. Finally mortar those bricks make sure that you locate them in a perfect manner otherwise you will not get the perfection for which you are looking for. Once when the arch is dried up fully remove the arch form.

Forming rear dome

As we discussed this is an easy step all you need to do is make a footprint as per your satisfaction and do not waste time just mortar it out with the concrete base. Wait until the structure gets cured, mound up the sand in the dome to create form. Moisten the sand by applying some water, after that stick it between the bricks with your hand. Take plastic sheeting and apply it on the half sphere created with moistened sand.

Finalizing rear dome

Start adding bricks to your dome, mortar each and every part of it, and do mortar the neighboring bricks for achieving utmost strength. Wherever required cut the bricks in half or quarter accordingly. Make sure that they fit up closely, continue the process until you reach at the topmost part of the dome.


Outdoor Pizza Oven


For extracting the smoke from the oven chimney is required. For building a chimney insert a metal duct from the top opening of the dome. Do not extend the duck farther as it can interrupt you with the pizza making process and though it will not extract the smoke in a proper manner. Finalize duct with mortar.

Final mortaring

At the time when you are done with the construction you’ll see many bricks and places are not mortared properly. Take help of mallet, trowel and of course your hand to give shaping. Mortar it at its best to make a complete distinctive round shape as required.

Cure and remove supports

Anyhow it will take at least 2-3 days to get cured. After that start removing every kind of support you applied at the time of construction, remove arch form, remove sand properly, remove plastic sheeting, remove bricks used for extra support, etc. Now let us lead to the last and final step of our constructing which is drying up the final construction with help of some fire.

Complete drying

All you need to do is create a small wood fire, be sure that you do not exceed the fire as it can form cracks in mortars and bricks too. Once they are dried up properly now they are ready to get heated to maximum temperatures.

Enjoy your pizza at your home itself.         

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