How to Work HVAC Vents and Exposed Ductwork Into Your Home Design
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On June 9, 2023

You are house shopping in Orlando and having a hard time finding a place that is perfect for you. You need a certain number of rooms and want to be in a safe and convenient location. You want the inside of your home to be cool and comfortable and reflect your style. If you decide to have a home built, you want to keep the cost down.

There are two types of ductwork that an HVAC system can have. Flexible ductwork is made out of fiberglass. It is sufficient but unsightly. This type of ductwork is always hidden. Rigid ductwork is made of metal or fabric and can be quite beautiful if it is installed correctly.

Many homes in the Orlando area have exposed ductwork. If you are building a home, allowing your ductwork to remain exposed is a way to save money. Your new home can have the look of a classic artist’s loft.

When an HVAC company installs the ductwork and HVAC system in your home, damages are easier to repair. The HVAC company will have the materials handy and understand exactly how the design is supposed to work. 

There are a few ductwork designs that can fit right in with the structure of your home. 

Smooth Sheet Metal Ducts

How to Work HVAC Vents and Exposed Ductwork


Smooth sheet metal ducts are an inexpensive way to give your space a clean and classic look. Smooth metal is thin, so it is important to hire HVAC professionals who know what they are doing to install and clean it. A person must be careful not to dent the metal when cleaning it. This type of sheet metal is either round or rectangular and can only be used in certain home designs.

The architecture company and HVAC company will have to work closely together to make this type of duct system work properly in your home.

Spiral Ducts 

When ducts are created, a machine wraps sheet metal into piping. The machine can create a spiral pattern that has folded seams. The connections are very clean, and the material is durable. 

You can paint the ducts to match the decor of your home or let the natural beauty of the metal complement the colors of the space. Spiral ductwork is much sturdier than the smooth sheet metal variety, making it easier to clean and maintain. There is less chance of denting the metal when you clean it.

Fabric Ducts

How to Work HVAC Vents and Exposed Ductwork


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When you hear the term fabric ducts, you can’t help but get an image of ductwork made of cotton or silk. However, polyester makes very sturdy ducts that work with built-in nozzles that distribute the air. 

One problem with fabric ducts is their difficulty maintaining their shape when the air is off. Hence, they need internal support to hold them in place. They will only work in rooms where the air distribution is equal. Big rooms with open designs are best.

Designers love these kinds of ducts because they come in all colors. Fabric does not corrode in humid rooms the way metal can.

What to Consider When Selecting an HVAC System

In addition to selecting the kind of ductwork you will have in your home, you should select the best type of air conditioning system for your needs. You want an energy-efficient system that will work with the duct system in your home and not interfere with the home’s aesthetic.

There are two different kinds of vented air conditioning. 

Split Central Air Conditioners

How to Work HVAC Vents and Exposed Ductwork


A split air conditioning system consists of an outdoor unit with a condenser, a compressor, and an indoor unit that works as an evaporator. The indoor unit is in the closet or attic of the home. They are quite large, yet they have a high Energy Efficiency Rating. They share ductwork with the furnace system, making them much more economical than other types of air conditioners.

Packaged Central Air Conditioners 

Packaged central air conditioners contain the evaporator, condenser, and compressor in one unit. You will find them beside a home on a concrete slab or roof. They are used in small homes where space can be limited but are less energy efficient than larger systems.

Your home should be a safe place to relax and express your sense of taste and style. Exposed ductwork is an economical way to add flair to your new home.

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