Why Are Infrared Heaters Better Than the Traditional Heaters?
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On February 7, 2023

Many people are getting concerned about the rising electricity bills, making them focus on energy-saving methods. Besides that, everyone is looking for higher efficiency in all the products they purchase. A heater is an unavoidable appliance in cold climates and cold countries. A traditional heater has been a good choice for people in the older days. But now technology has evolved a lot, which has introduced new heating options that are cleaner, more energy efficient, and cost-effective. 

Usually, traditional heaters will take up much space and more time to heat a room. So, it’s time to switch to infrared heating, which takes only a little space and is more efficient. Infrared heating panels are convenient for everyone to use as they can easily be mounted on walls, ceilings, or any other place. You will find some information here that shows why infrared heaters are better than traditional heaters.

All about infrared heaters 

Infrared Heaters

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An infrared heater is an appliance that uses a high-temperature emitter to transfer energy to a cooler object through electromagnetic radiation. This technology is used for heating purposes, typically in rooms where it’s difficult to get good air circulation. Unlike convection heat, which spreads the heat throughout a room indiscriminately, the infrared heating system is highly targeted and allows for more efficient use of heating capacity. They are also smaller than traditional heaters, making them easier to install and less conspicuous.

Why is it better than traditional heaters?

Infrared heat is a type of heating that provides natural and environmental-friendly heating to warm objects and people. It works better than conventional radiators, which use air movement to distribute heat evenly throughout the room. It is more efficient than convection heating, where hot air circulates to heat up the colder object instead of warming it directly. Infrared heaters heat everything it touches, providing long-lasting warmth without using as much energy as other heating methods. 


Infrared Heaters

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Infrared heating is cost-effective and is estimated to save up to 60% compared to other traditional heating systems. Since it heats the room more quickly than other heating systems, you do not have to turn it on for long. A conventional heater emits warm air when the door is opened, causing it to escape. While an indoor infrared heater heats objects in the room, so this doesn’t happen; instead, heat remains inside the room even if the door is open. This system has low power consumption, so you won’t get high electricity bills no matter how long it is used.

Saves time and energy

As mentioned above, infrared heaters take less time to heat a larger area than conventional heaters. Other than that, it is easy to install, as you can simply mount it on the wall and plug it into a power socket. Infrared heat is specifically targeted and heats people and objects in a room. It wastes less energy in heating air than standard convection heaters. Thus, you can reach the desired temperature more quickly, which is another cost-effective point. Since infrared heaters produce no light or sound when running, they are very efficient for use in confined spaces.

Offers health benefits and is environment-friendly

Infrared Heaters

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In contrast to conventional heaters, infrared mirror heaters utilize only electricity to generate 100% clean heat. Consequently, no by-product is created from burning fuel (like in a traditional heater), which eliminates all potential hazards. It will not circulate dust in the room and is completely safe for individuals with allergies and asthma. 

There are maintenance and service costs for infrared heaters 

One of the main benefits of using the infrared heating system is that there are no moving parts, which means they don’t require any annual maintenance. It goes wrong only in rare cases, and you only need to make the necessary replacements for such cases. However, it is recommended to service traditional heating systems annually for better performance. So, you can save money on maintenance costs with an infrared heating system.

Requires less space 

Infrared Heaters

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Infrared heaters are slim panels that require only a little space and can be freestanding or wall mounted. At the same time, traditional heating system occupies too much space, including space for a boiler, area for piping, etc. 


All the above points depict that infrared heating panels are better than traditional heaters. Thus, it is time to replace your traditional heating systems with the latest infrared heater to enjoy all its benefits like pollution-free air, less cost, no noise, etc. Modern technologies are getting developed a lot, including heating systems. Infrared heaters are estimated to be the future of home heating as it already offers efficient results by converting 100% of the electricity into heat. Since it requires less time to heat a large space and offers many other advantages, most people have already started to prefer it over traditional heaters.