5 Reasons to Install a Home Water Filtration System
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On August 5, 2020

Water, as we know it, is as important as oxygen to maintain life. Therefore, an average human requires ample water throughout an entire day to maintain the functionality of the body.

Using clean water for activities like drinking, cooking, and even showering is important for your overall health.

Home Water Filtration System

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Today, we have chlorine-treated water everywhere and many people drink it. This water is still laden with different types of bacteria, chemicals, and other water-borne contaminants. A very small percentage of the water around us is healthy enough to consume. Yes! That includes the tap water supply in your house. Even after passing through the water treatment facility, it still contains many contaminants that can potentially harm you. The same thing goes for a private well.

To ensure that you and your family maintain health and well-being, opting for a home water filtration system seems like the best choice! A system like this has been known to eliminate water-borne bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants; providing you the safest and cleanest water regularly. Investing in the best water purifier can free you from all the worries related to polluted or hard water.

1. Safe drinking water anytime!

Home Water Filtration System

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Filtering water provides you the assurance that the water you consume is healthy enough for you, as compared to water that is supplied through water bottles or taps after treatment by your municipality. This holds because even after the water has been treated in the plants, there is still a huge possibility for many contaminants lurking around, such as lead.

Water treatment plants use several chemicals like chlorine and fluoride in the process of sanitizing the water. When you house a home water filtration system, you can minimize and even eliminate these chemicals and many other impurities. There are known to be a total of 2000 or more toxins to be living in drinking water, and a system can help you steer clear from all of them. Having access to safe drinking water at any time possible is the best step toward optimal health.

2. Protect the environment

Home Water Filtration System

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This reason not only has an immediate beneficial effect for yourself, but also many long-term advantages for the environment. As an estimate, there are about 50 billion plastic water bottles that people in the U.S. invested in last year alone. A majority percentage of these bottles ended up in landfills, and not even 50% of them could be recycled.

When you use a home water filtration system, you will not be piling up the landfills with the rubbish waste of plastic use-and-throw water bottles.

3. Reduce skin aggravations

Home Water Filtration System

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Remember the fluoride and chlorine added in water during treatments by your municipality? Well, these substances along with other heavy metals in the water can potentially aggravate serious skin conditions. These include conditions like eczema and psoriasis, especially in young adults and children.

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4. Save small, save more!

You may think you’re not spending a lot of bottled water for clean water supply, but statistics prove otherwise. You can potentially save a lot of money by investing in a water filtration system at home. For instance, if you have a family of four and each member consumes at least 17 ounces of bottles of water each day, you’ll be saving at least $600-$700 every year.

This is an estimation based on the assumption that you buy an average-priced pack of 24 bottles. If you invest in an RO or reverse osmosis water purifying system, you will pay way less than this! All you have to invest in is probably a new filter every year which costs around $50!

5. Low plumbing repair costs

Home Water Filtration System

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Your plumbing system bears the brunt of your contaminated water supply! Pollutants like heavy metals, chemicals, and high mineral content in the unfiltered water can have a bad effect on your plumbing system. It will not only affect your pipes but every other appliance you will use the water in.

You can reduce your regular plumbing costs by investing in a high-quality water purifier or water filtration system in your house!

Types Of Water Filteration Systems

The market provides you different options. In this section we will discuss the primary three types of water filtration systems available on the market today: 

Activated carbon

Home Water Filtration System

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If you are looking for a less-expensive and run-of-the-mill water filter, you can opt for activated carbon! This system sits under your sink, and it allows you to change the filter cartridges whenever you need to. This filtration system is often known to be far more effective than others in removing chemicals, heavy metals, and even parasites that reside in the water. 

Cation exchange water filter systems

The ion exchange filters help soften hard water. This filter system works its magic through positively-charged ions by attracting negatively-charged ions like calcium and barium in the water. While Barium has been regarded to cause exposure to various health issues with regular consumption, minerals like Calcium and Magnesium are very damaging to your pipes. They can even make your water taste bitter.

Reverse osmosis

Home Water Filtration System

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Reverse osmosis or RO is the boss when it comes to home water filtration systems. Reverse osmosis is the process of forcing water to pass through a membrane using air pressure. This membrane helps collect and filter out almost all kinds of pollutants from the water. This system generally comes in a five to seven-stage process, depending on the model you purchase. Most of the brands today provide at least six or seven-stage filtration to produce healthy, alkaline water.

Hopefully, this guide will help you understand the varied benefits of installing a home water filtration system. No matter the type of filtration system you choose for your house, make sure to scan the product for all the different benefits it can provide to yours and your family’s overall well-being.

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