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On November 20, 2018

The renaissance is actually a period of European culture, artistic, political and as well as we can say the rebirth of the historic period. Generally one can describe as taking place of the 14th century to the 17th century, the Renaissance period therefore promoted the rediscovery of the old classical philosophy, literate and artistic works. And here from the prehistory period, we have ranked the top best sculptures of all time.

Here is the list of the following renowned sculptures:-

1.Bust of nefertiti by thutmose

It is a portrait symbol of feminine beauty.

Apart from these 6 others are also mentioned here.

Famous Sculptures

2.Terracotta warriors

Famous Sculptures

3.Nike of samothrace

Famous Sculptures

4.Venus de milo

Famous Sculptures

5.David by donatello

Famous Sculptures

6.David by michelangelo

This antique piece is the most iconic works ever made in all time history.

Famous Sculptures

7.Statue of liberty

Famous Sculptures

8.The thinker by rodinFamous Sculptures

9.Lincoln memorialFamous Sculptures

10.Balloon dog by jeff koonsFamous Sculptures

11.Maman by louise bourgeoisFamous Sculptures

12.Ecstasy of saint teresaFamous Sculptures

13.Pieta by michelangelo pietaFamous Sculptures

14.Christ the redeemerFamous Sculptures

15.Manneken pisFamous Sculptures

16.The great sphinxFamous Sculptures

17.Cloud gateFamous Sculptures

18.The DiscobolusFamous Sculptures

The Terracotta Army,(210-209 BC), Gian Lorenzo Bernini (Ecstasy of Saint Teresa), Auguste Rodin (the Burghers of Calais), Constantine Brancusi (Mlle Pogany, 1913), Duchamp (Bicycle Wheel), Andy Warhol (Brillo Box, 1964), Donald Judd’s Untitled (Stack) in 1964, Yayoi Kusama’s (Accumulation No. 1, 1962), Eva Hessse (Hang Up, 1966), Richard Serra (House of Cards), Louise Bourgeois (Spider, in 1996), and lastly Cloud Gate, in 2006.

All these are some of the famous sculptures which are still now famous for its marvellous architectural designs.

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