November 20, 2018
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1.Bust of nefertiti by thutmoseFamous Sculptures

2.Terracotta warriors

Famous Sculptures

3.Nike of samothrace

Famous Sculptures

4.Venus de milo

Famous Sculptures

5.David by donatello

Famous Sculptures

6.David by michelangelo

Famous Sculptures

7.Statue of liberty

Famous Sculptures

8.The thinker by rodinFamous Sculptures

9.Lincoln memorialFamous Sculptures

10.Balloon dog by jeff koonsFamous Sculptures

11.Maman by louise bourgeoisFamous Sculptures

12.Ecstasy of saint teresaFamous Sculptures

13.Pieta by michelangelo pietaFamous Sculptures

14.Christ the redeemerFamous Sculptures

15.Manneken pisFamous Sculptures

16.The great sphinxFamous Sculptures

17.Cloud gateFamous Sculptures

18.The DiscobolusFamous Sculptures