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On November 14, 2018

Japanese rock gardens are commonly known as Zen garden. Zen gardens are not a type of traditional garden, surrounded by woodland and wild flower. But it is a type of controlled settings of racked sand and rocks and also clipped shrubs. 3 basic principles are emphasizes by Zen garden, which are naturality, simplicity and austerity.

zen garden designs

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First Zen garden was designed in the sixth century by Zen Buddhist monks.  Aiding the meditation was the main purpose of creating Zen garden. Later Zen garden designs  was also used for teaching Zen principles and concepts.  The Zen garden design ideas is updated and refined but the basic structure is still remains the same.

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How to create a Zen garden:-

The main structure of zen garden designs sculptures is totally based on carefully racked sand with precisely places rocks.  Over the main structure one can easily place plants but those plants must b of minimum number.

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The structure of the rocks symbolizes several things in Zen garden. Trees are represented by upholding stones and also the horizontal stones represent water. One can easily try different layouts for forming new symbols.

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Here we will brief about some Zen garden design ideas which will add value to your home

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Study garden- this type of garden is used for the purpose of study like paintings and it is decorated with bridges across the pond and small shrubs and flowers.

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Traditional Zen Gardens (Japanese Rock Gardens or Dry Landscapes)-  It is a Zen garden where are monks practice Zen and meditation is also taken place in groups. It does not have any window.

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Strolling garden- The strolling garden is surrounded by a pond and curved hills with beautiful stone settings

zen garden

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