25 Simple Gate Design For Small House [Updated 2024]
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On February 27, 2019

A gate built esthetically to match its elegance. It spreads a sense of security. A good looking gate not also adds to the splendour of the house it diligently fulfils its duty of providing strong security to its inmates.

Simple gate designs for small houses create a perfect balance between sturdiness and privacy. A gate is an introduction to the owner’s personality. It should be made of strong material to brave the heat, cold and rain for years to go. A gate can be made of wrought iron, aluminum, or wood. One advantage of such gates is that it can be painted as and when required.

Gate design of small houses can be of various forms-

main Gate designs 2020Source:pinterest.com.uk

The gate can have a metal frame with wooden planks on it.

A gate in every house proves to be the most important thing and part of a house because it creates a sense of security and safety. But how it would be if the sense of security meets with beautiful gate designs idea? That would be great and it will reflect that you have a great sense of interior designing as well. And the gate will provide all the duty which it is needed to fulfill its housemates.

It can have broad panels of metal horizontally stacker up one over the other.

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Some simple gate designs reflect a sense of classic personality about you. Some characteristics of the gate can be that it should be made up of some strong material so that it can fight against any weather and other evil things that can try to evade your peace.

Some gates are made up of aluminum, wood or steel materials which are strong and at the same time, they have another advantage that you can paint it anytime whenever you want or need. So we have jotted some simple gate designs which can complement your home and you as well.


The first design that you can try is a wooden plank gate with a metal frame all over. This design is a classic one and most preferred also because it can complement any kind of house with its beauty. The metal framing can be painted with black color and the wooden plank will perfectly look like a pair of it.

Second is all metal gate designs with different shapes and sizes. These all-metal gates are pretty strong and protected in nature and if you paint it with black or grey then it can perfectly match every house.

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The third idea is metal gate designs idea with broad panels which are stacked up one above the other. This looks really beautiful and you can paint it with any desired color and also you can switch it into any design whichever you like.

Another small house gate designs can be metal rod designed gates with beautiful and attractive miniature designing. These are classic gate design which is opted as the main gate of many houses because it looks really beautiful and strong as well.


A small gate with parallel glass and wooden planks are also in trend and since it is a new trend it is accepted by many people who have decorated their house with some new and innovative gate ideas at The Architecture Designs.

Heavy solid gate with square shaped openings is an innovative and quite attractive design.

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A simple yet stunning gate can be made by a combination of horizontal and vertical iron rods.


The size of the gate is very important, it should be built according to the requirement and convenience.


It can be of many types. It can be folding, sliding, rolling or swinging.

The upper part can be horizontal, oval or triangular.

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Main Gate designs ideas 2020Source:pinterest.com

A beautiful crafted design of wrought iron can be fixed on a metal framed gate with vertical iron rods.


source: doublermfg.com

source: doublermfg.com

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