12 Best Outdoor Space Designing Trends You Must Know About
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On May 2, 2021


There is nothing like being stranded at home to inspire us to find new ways to appreciate our surroundings. And there is no better way to spend this year than last year in our own natural communal spaces. 

Our back gardens, patios, and parks have diligently served greater functions than it has ever been as office rooms, happy hour hangouts, gyms, and retreats to admire the natural beauty. 

We anticipate that the importance of outdoor spaces will begin to rise in 2021, as people aspire to live more natural lives and improve their mental and physical health from the comfort of their own homes. Plus, the outdoor areas will undoubtedly remain common meeting places for social gatherings.

Edible Gardens are a kind of edible garden

Outdoor Space Designing

source: onekindesign.com

Mostly during disease outbreaks, the majority of individuals started gardening. The reasons for participating ranged from a need to get outside to the need for a new addiction to break the monotony at home.

One of the main factors for increasing edible planting was to augment pantries with fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs cultivated at home. People are looking for new ways to spice up their meals with taste, color, and nutrients.

Firstly, immunity gardens concentrate on foods that promote good health in general. World herb gardening could be used to produce the international recipes and varieties we crave at home, helping to feed our ongoing need to get out and explore.

The new requirement is larger

If people’s need for open spaces to be integrated into their everyday lives grows, so will their demands for bigger outdoor spaces. Homeowners may aim to build open areas with several rooms, such as main living rooms, kitchens and grilling areas, and more, as their preferences change.

Decks, open patio spaces, and landscape design are the most common remodeling projects. Outdoor facilities such as exclusive back gardens, decks, and patios are among the three leading “must-haves” for potential homebuyers. 

Color palettes

Outdoor Space Designing

source: onekindesign.com

Neutral, clean and simple tones and color palettes will continue to be prominent this year in terms of pure cosmetic patterns. Due to color’s ability to articulate harmony, homeowners will begin to strive out these palettes to create a relaxing atmosphere in their homes, notably in their open environment.

Neutral tones, such as calm, light browns and greys, are very popular at the moment. Using “pops” in colour is often easier for these tones.

Technology set-up

We also compiled a list of outdoor living patterns for 2021 to encourage your upcoming outdoor living ventures. People are looking to bring more of the technologies they use on the inside into their daily lives as they merge the outside into their daily lives. 

Many individuals use promoters to enhance Wi-Fi signal outside for activities like watching Netflix and working remotely. Since most technologies can be easily incorporated into outdoor living spaces, the appearance and functionality of outdoor living spaces are not drastically altered. The pandemic has sparked a lot of curiosity in setting up outdoor offices.

Music and televisions continue to be common additions to outdoor technology. There are also some cosmetic changes. The use of LED color-changing technologies to alter the atmosphere of a room is a nice way to do so.

Yard for social gatherings

Outdoor Space Designing

source: home-designing.com

The latest addition to a house is the front yard. So, why not make the most of your front yard area and make the most of your residence? Constructing an outdoor living room at the front of the house serves two purposes: it maximizes usable space for everyday living and welcomes our neighbors.

As a result of the epidemic and the changes in our personal interaction, there is a greater need than ever to feel a connection. Drive-by gatherings and socially distanced events were common in front yards in 2020. Individuals are now searching for ways to keep the ties alive.

The versatility of a public front yard layout is part of the allure since it is less organized than a backdoor layout. Introducing a bistro table and tables, a tree swing, or a cosy bench to an environment brings energy into an environment.

Setting up privacy over outdoors

When the amount of time spent outside grows, so does the need for anonymity, shade, and protection from the weather. A combination of gardening and hardscaping, as well as furniture, will offer privacy, whether it is a private place to perform yoga without distractions or a spot to use your laptop without bright light.

Outdoor spaces can also be made more private in a variety of ways. Often, keep an eye out for innovative interior decorating applications. Tiled accent walls, for instance, could be used to maintain the illusion of an outdoor space while maintaining the same aesthetic as within. These shapes will bring visual appeal while still serving as a great backdrop for the rest of the room.

Outdoor cooking

Outdoor Space Designing

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Cooking has now become a famous outdoor event in recent years. In reality, according to a 2021 design trends survey, 60 percent of homeowners want to add exterior kitchens to their homes. Outdoor kitchens, on the other hand, come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

To complement the central interior kitchen, a satellite kitchen offers additional cooking components such as grills and pizza ovens. Preparation space, a sink, storage, and refrigeration, and also cooking components are all included in separate kitchens, allowing most, if not all, cooking needs to be met outside. 

The layout of an open patio is influenced by space, construction budget, and the environment. Additional outdoor sitting is needed irrespective of the nature of the outdoor kitchen.

Convertible furniture

Outdoor furniture has evolved to suit daily life and upcoming social events as entertainment becomes less of a priority in 2020. It is not only about aesthetics when it comes to interior design but also about how you work.

We have built parts designed to execute various tasks, often with secret functionality, and made them flexible enough to use in virtually any room you choose. Anticipate flexible outdoor furniture, such as adjustable tables that can be taken apart to provide space and social separation, or tables with concealed drink containers.

Fully-fledged outdoor home like a resort

Outdoor Space Designing

source: home-designing.com

Many people are asking for covered outdoor living spaces with all of the amenities of indoor living. People like large-screen TVs, pizza ovens, and ping pong tables in their outdoors

They need their residences to resemble and have the same luxury as the resorts where they used to weekend getaway.” Outdoor kitchens with refrigerators, storage space, and custom-built grills are included in the outdoor home.

Outdoor kitchens will also appear as an unwelcome addition to the landscape. Smaller swimming pools take up fewer open space on city lots and offer the feeling of floating in a fountain. Showering or swimming in a totally private small garden when accompanied by the alluring scent of plants gets the day off properly.

Make it more appropriate for daily living. 

The drastic change in how open spaces are used is at the forefront of trendy outdoor living patterns for 2021. Many outdoor living arrangements were conceived of as entertainment places in the “old days” before quarantine and social distancing. They were reserved for holding BBQs with neighbors or when relatives came to visit.

Now, homeowners want to improve their comfort and use of their space on a daily basis, with outdoor living taking the top spot. Expect some structures and designs to makeover or add elements to suit daily life, such as outdoor spaces and flex spaces for recreation and leisure. 

Shades may be incorporated with more conventional art pieces like furniture and planters, but they can also become a common landscaping option.

Geometry and configurability are in high demand

Outdoor Space Designing

source: home-designing.com

Modular, rectangular shapes align with the sleek style trend that has gained popularity in recent years. Clean lines and flat formats are created by geometric designs, making a room feel uncluttered and new.

Modular pavers, which allow the design and construction process simpler and quicker, can create many of these designs. Customizable pavers fit standard nominal sizes, making it simple to combine different shapes, measurements, and finishes.

Solution for small homeowners

The bulk of these style patterns are adaptable to a wide range of homeowners. However, for those living in larger cities with smaller lots and less capacity, different strategies are employed.

Micro Spaces are becoming a popular construction option for single-family homeowners who do not have enough space in their backyard to accommodate a multi-room outdoor experience.

Front porches of any scale have perfectly suitable outdoor living areas, and dual-use flex areas can be built adjacent residences to building a small outside dining or seating room.


So, we have stated all the details thoroughly and are trending right now to make your outdoor space beautiful, giving it a luxurious feel in your front yard or back yard. 

House owners are searching for genuinely flexible and practical spaces, and outdoor living is expected to be just as common this year, if not more so, than what it was in 2020. To get your ideal outdoor yard, make sure to interact explicitly with the contractors.

Also, your architecture should be compatible with the resources available to keep things running smoothly during these hectic times. We hope this blog is helpful for you in making the space appropriate for social gatherings and chilling with your loved ones. 

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