8 Sage Green Bedroom Walls Color Combination You'll Love
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On February 12, 2024

Create a calming vibe in your bedroom with sage green walls. This color is like nature’s hug, bringing peace to your space. Say goodbye to harsh greens and hello to a soothing shade that feels like a cozy retreat. Picture it: your room transformed into a haven of relaxation, like wrapping up in a soft blanket. Sage green bedroom walls aren’t just about paint—they’re about creating a sanctuary where you can unwind and recharge.

8 Calming Sage Green Bedroom Walls Color Combinations

1. Sage Green and Black Bedroom

Sage Green and Black Bedroom

source: Houzz

Bedrooms with sage green walls offer a flexible canvas for decor. A comfy bed with patterned bedding adds charm, while playful details like an “EASY, TIGER” banner add fun. Nearby, a teepee sparks creativity, with framed artwork and wooden decor items enhancing the mood. A patterned rug and a small black nightstand complete the cozy setup.

Sage Green and Black Bedroom

source: Rachel Loewen photography

2. Light Sage Green Bedroom

Light Sage Green Bedroom

source: By Design Interiors, Inc.

The bedroom, with sage green walls, feels calm. There’s a big bed with a white cover and green pillows. Wooden tables beside the bed hold stuff like lamps and vases. A picture of nature hangs above the bed. By the window, there’s a chair and a small table. The room gets lots of sunlight through big windows. It’s comfy and stylish, with sage green walls in bedroom.

Green and Light Sage Green BedroomWhite Bedroom

source: Marker Girl Home

3. Sage Green and Grey

sage green and Grey Bedroom

source: duluxheritage

The room, with a sage green accent wall bedroom, gains depth. The well-made bed with soft pillows makes it inviting. Modern nightstands with nice lamps add a cozy glow. A fancy bench at the end of the bed adds luxury. This mix of modern and classic styles is fancy but still comfy. It turns the room into a stylish and cozy retreat. Modern sage green living room ideas can complement this bedroom color scheme, offering a cohesive design approach throughout your living space.

sage green and Grey Bedroom

source: Dream Finders Homes

4. Green and White Bedroom

Green and White Bedroom

source: Eric Ross Interiors, LLC

Sage green and white is one of the unique sage green color combinations found in the well-made bed with soft pillows making it inviting. Modern nightstands with nice lamps add a cozy glow. A fancy bench at the end of the bed adds luxury. This mix of modern and classic styles is fancy but still comfy. You can also extend this refreshing color palette to your kitchen, integrating sage green kitchen ideas to create a cohesive and harmonious look throughout your living space.

Green and White Bedroom

source: source: RN Interior Design

5. Brown and Green Bedroom

Brown and Green Bedroom

source: Pinterest

To create a sage green and brown decor theme for your home, begin by selecting complementary shades of these colors. Paint the walls with sage green and incorporate brown furniture pieces. Utilize textiles in both sage green and brown hues and add decorations that blend these two colors harmoniously. Sage green bathroom ideas can also complement this color scheme, providing a cohesive look throughout your home.

Brown and Green Bedroom

source: cocolapinedesign

Balance is crucial, so ensure neither color dominates the space, and integrate neutral elements to foster harmony. The image you shared illustrates a bedroom with a similar color scheme, featuring a dark green wall, dark wood furniture, and a neutral rug, which can serve as inspiration for your sage green home decor theme.

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6. Pink and Green Bedroom Ideas

Pink and Green Bedroom Ideas

source: Pinterest

To recreate this decor in bedrooms with sage green walls, start by painting the walls a light shade of green. Choose white furniture, like the bed and round table, and add pops of color with a green armchair and pink chairs. Decorate the walls with colorful artwork featuring flowers and butterflies. Use pink curtains for the windows and add a patterned valance. Consider extending the serene ambiance to your exterior with Sage Green House Exterior ideas.

Pink and Green Bedroom Ideas

source: melaniejadedesign

Include a variety of textiles, like a multicolored quilt, pink pillows, and a striped throw. Finally, add personal touches with toys and flowers in vases. Remember, a child’s room should be a balance of functionality and fun, reflecting their personality and interests.

7. Sage Green and Blue Bedroom

Sage Green and Blue Bedroom

source: Margaret Donaldson Interiors

The room’s centerpiece is the serene sage green bedroom walls, bringing a sense of calm. Against this backdrop, a big bed with white bedding sits, adorned with turquoise and green pillows that echo the wall color. An arched window above French doors allows ample natural light to enhance the room’s aesthetic, with vibrant patterned curtains adding a touch of complexity to the decor.

Sage Green and Blue Bedroom

source: lovechicliving

Functional elements like a bright green armchair and a greyish-green dresser maintain the room’s color harmony. Dark wooden flooring offers a pleasing contrast to the lighter tones of the walls and furniture. 

8. Sage Green and Burgundy

Sage Green and Burgundy

source: apartmenttherapy

The big bed has a grey headboard with floral pillows and layered bedding in pink and green. Above the bed, a wooden shelf holds plants, a picture, and vases. Two golden lamps on the walls give extra light. A dark bedside table with a plant is on the left. This room shows how deep red can make a cozy bedroom.

Sage Green and Burgundy

source: blindsdirect


What color curtains go with sage green walls? 

Well, you’ve got a lot of great options. If you’re going for a classic, airy feel, white or cream curtains would be a lovely choice. Now, if you’re in the mood for something a bit more striking, navy blue or terracotta curtains could provide that pop of contrast. And if a softer look is what you’re after, consider lavender or light blue-gray curtains. They could add a gentle touch to your tranquil sage-green walls. Remember, it’s all about creating a space that feels right for you!

What color comforter goes with green walls? 

There’s a whole palette out there to play with. If you’re leaning towards a calming vibe, neutral tones like beige or gray could be just what you need. But if you’re feeling a bit adventurous and want a pop of color, how about coral or navy blue? They’d contrast beautifully with the green. And if you’re after a more harmonious look, shades of yellow or blue-green could be quite appealing.

What does the color sage green look like? 

Sage green is a muted, gray-green color that resembles dried sage leaves. It’s a soft and calming hue that combines the tranquility of blue-green with the natural, earthy tones of gray. This color often evokes a sense of serenity and brings a touch of nature indoors.

To Sum Up

In summary, sage green bedroom walls can transform a room into a peaceful sanctuary. Its calming tones connect with nature, making it perfect for relaxation. Whether paired with bold colors or soft neutrals, sage green adds style to a bedroom. Remember, balance is important. So, whether on walls or bedding, sage green can enhance your bedroom’s appearance and atmosphere.