World's Most Beautiful Hotel Lobby Design
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On December 14, 2019

Impress the guests as they enter. This is the motto of most hotels. The luxurious hotels, specially, have transformed their lobbies into magnificent spaces to make you transfixed and lure you to their place. Some of the most beautiful hotels have amazing lobbies are 

1. Bowery Hotel (New York City)

Bowery Hotel (New York City)

The Bower Hotel of New York City has a spectacular lobby with a farmhouse like the style. The velvet armchairs on the Persian rugs are very awe-inspiring. The bricked wall on one side and panelled glass wall on the other side has hanging plants strewn all over its ceiling.

2. Country Club Lima (Lima, Peru)

Country Club Lima (Lima, Peru)

The breath-taking interiors of Country Club Lima are complete with its chandeliers, Spanish tiles, brass fixtures, and polished marble floors. The arched windows will immediately win the heart of any visitor as will the big porcelain vases and the table lamps. The old fashioned beams blend the contemporary with the antique.

3. Ritz Carlton Tokyo (Japan)

Ritz Carlton Tokyo (Japan)


The lobby of the Ritz Carlton in Tokyo on the 45th floor provides a good view of the city. The floor to ceiling windows has made this possible. The tables are positioned in such a way that maximum people get the view. The interiors have been kept simple with a combination of white and earth color and matching curtains.

4. Mandarin Oriental (Bangkok, Thailand)

Mandarin Oriental (Bangkok, Thailand)

Bangkok, Thailand’s Mandarin Oriental hotel also has floor-to-ceiling windows to view the Chao Phraya River. The historic temple bell chandeliers are its special feature blended with modern design seating arrangement and lush greenery.

5. Claridge’s (London)

Claridge's (London)

The black-and-white checkerboard floor is the center of attraction of the lobby of Claridge’s of London. A fireplace with a beautifully curved framed mirror gives a feeling of old-world charm. The beautiful chandelier is also worth mentioning.

6. Principe di Savoia (Milan, Italy)

Principe di Savoia (Milan, Italy)

The lobby inside Principe di Savoia is as romantic as the city itself. Oil paintings along the wood-paneled walls make a beautiful ambiance with the correct positioning of the scones. The false ceiling and the attractive chandelier adds to the beauty of the room.

7. Hotel Eden (Rome, Italy)

Hotel Eden (Rome, Italy)

The Hotel Eden’s lobby of Rome, Italy has a library room theme. You can seclude yourself away from the crowds of Rome in this hotel with a book that emotionally carries you away to the white mountains or the tranquil ocean.

8. Plaza Athenee (Paris)

Plaza Athénée (Paris)

As you enter the gorgeous lobby inside the Plaza Athene in Paris the candle chandelier will catch your eyes. The French style lounge with arched alcoves and cozy seating arrangement is very romantic.

9. Corinthia Hotel (London)

Corinthia Hotel (London)

The large chandelier in the lobby of London’s Corinthian Hotel is breath-taking. The matching white upholsterers and broadly pleated curtains are very English.

10. Aman Tokyo (Japan)

Aman Tokyo (Japan)

The lobby of Aman Tokyo in Japan has a grand view of the city through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The large space and mesmerizing ambiance, with the least wall decor, will match with the food they serve. 

11. Four Seasons (Paris)

Four Seasons (Paris)

The fresh flower dominated lobby of the hotel Four Seasons in Paris provides a relaxing ambiance. Ornately designed mirrors and arched doorways speak of the French influence specially the giant chandelier.

12. Hyatt Regency (Cleveland, Ohio)

Hyatt Regency (Cleveland, Ohio)

The Hyatt Regency’s lobby in Cleveland, Ohio gives a spectacular view of the entire arcade building of the hotel. The glass ceiling gives you a fillings of natural light.

13. Fontainebleau (Miami Beach, Florida)

Fontainebleau (Miami Beach, Florida)

The lobby of this Miami Beach, Florida hotel Fountainhead is characterized by many chandeliers and illuminated pillars. The black and white floor creates a perfect base with a very stylish circular seating arrangement.

14. The St. Regis (Shenzhen, China)

The St. Regis (Shenzhen, China)

With the lobby on the 96th floor, you will feel like floating in the sky when in St. Regis in Shenzhen, China. The center of the lobby has the most modern feature with a false ceiling to complement it. The apt lighting and splashes of green will mesmerize you.

15. Four Seasons (Guangzhou, China)

Four Seasons (Guangzhou, China)

The lobby of the Four Seasons in Guangzhou, China is located on the 70th floor and is in the shape of an annular ring. The glassed ceiling lets in the natural light. It is surrounded by large potted plants inside. 

16. Mandarin Oriental (Barcelona, Spain)

Mandarin Oriental (Barcelona, Spain)

The entrance lobby of Mandarin Oriental of Barcelona, Spain is flooded with natural light. There are enough seating arrangements and minimum décor, like the Scandinavian Style.

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17. Ritz Carlton (Astana, Kazakhstan)

Ritz Carlton (Astana, Kazakhstan)

As soon as you enter the Ritz Carlton of Astana in Kazakhstan the design of the ceiling will draw your attention. The bar at the side is arranged in a very stylish yet simple manner.

18. Fairmont (San Francisco, California)

Fairmont (San Francisco, California)

The Fairmont of San Francisco, California has a very decorative lobby. Gilded walls, large marble columns, and leather chairs, couches and sofas make the place very crowded. The large trees give the space a relief