How Does Architecture Design Effect Rubbish Removal
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On March 23, 2020

When we think of architecture, most of us will think of fancy homes with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the sea. However, architecture applies to every building we enter or live in, as these have all been designed to make the most of the space provided. Unfortunately, though, unless you’re creating a fancy home on Grand Designs, it’s likely that properties are built with the idea to get the most profit – which means homes and flats tend to be built close together to get the most in.

However, with recycling becoming absolutely necessary, architects need to be looking at ways to make rubbish removal as easy as possible for those living there.  Here are some points from the guys at Kwiksweep.

Create a Sensible Kitchen Layout

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In order to recycle as much as possible in our homes, we need it to be as easy as possible. That’s not because we’re lazy, it just means that with many of trying to bring up children, working hard careers or getting older (meaning we’re not as mobile as you used to be) we just don’t have the time or ability to jump through hoops to complete our recycling.

To counteract this, you should really consider the design and layout of your kitchen to make rubbish removal easy. Ideally, your rubbish bins should be kept away from fresh food and close to your door for ease, which for most people tends to be under the sink or in a utility room.

In the rubbish station you should have multiple bins (rather than the traditional solo bin) with each bin dedicated to a different recycling category such as paper, metal, glass and plastic. The idea here is, that because your general rubbish bin is small and because the other recycling bins are easily accessed, you will automatically recycle more instinctively.

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This is just as important in households as it is in offices.

Flats and Offices Should Have an Easy Access Central Recycling Point

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When it comes to flats and office blocks, many residents can have poor recycling habits, purely as it’s too much of a hassle to do. This is especially true in London where a large proportion of the population live in flats or apartments.

The problem is, when you live in a high up flat, the last thing you want to do is take bags of recycling down multiple floors to then have to walk to rubbish point and sort your recycling into different bins. Worse still, many of these communal bins can be filled quickly, meaning bags get beside bins instead.

To help with this, architecture design should look to add simple recycling points in building or close to buildings so recycling is easy for everyone. As only then will recycling rates in these places improve.

Provide Space for Composting Areas

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As well as plastics and metals, organic waste in households can be a real problem. That is, unless you try composting. To make this easier, architects could look to add a space to gardens in houses and the outdoor spaces at flats for composting. This will be ideal for putting all those vegetable peels that we usually put in the bin, not only will this help with rubbish levels, but you’ll get some useful compost at the architecture designs that can be used in your garden.

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