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On December 21, 2018

Villa G is situated near the quiet bay in the southeastern region of the Swedish archipelago. This region is popular for the oak forests. For centuries, this area is well known for the contribution of the traditional Swedish style building. These buildings are mainly found in boat shape structures.

Villa G By Andre Pihl Architect

Source:dezeen.comVilla G By Andre Pihl ArchitectSource:homeworlddesign.comVilla G By Andre Pihl

The western parts of the Villa G in Southeastern Sweden are close to coastal area, which allow a wonderful view of the Baltic sea in the southern horizon. The blasting an excavation create a rocky landscape, which protect during the autumn storms.  

Villa G By Andre Pihl

Bedrooms are provided with sliding door and large glass windows for beautiful scenic view of the sea. The wooden panel with black paint gives a rustic appearance in the house. The interior of the house is in the minimal fashion with a glass partition separated the facade.

Villa G By Andre Pihl ArchitectSource:dezeen.comVilla G By Andre Pihl

Villa G By Andre Pihl Architect is positioned in the centre to received the perfect view of the huge water body. The house is divided into two broad private section. Each section includes a small and a large bedroom, bathroom and a hall room. There is a large living area furnishing with a build in sofa and a fire place.

Villa G By Andre Pihl ArchitectSource:homeworlddesign.comVilla G By Andre Pihl

The windows are narrow and vertically positioned. Less materials are used, walls are white washed with pop up colour. The concrete floors are polished to give a matte appearance. The most charming place in the house is the antique fire place made of red steel. The fire place is spherical on shape, which enhance the beauty of the house.

Villa G By Andre Pihl

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