When Is The Best Time of Year to Have Windows Professionally Cleaned?
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On November 10, 2022

Professional window cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your property. It allows for natural light to get inside the building and prevents damage caused by grime or dirt. Generally speaking, window cleaning should be done professionally once or twice a year. However, factors like foot traffic and weather conditions can drastically change that estimation.

If you are looking into commercial window cleaning, remember that only a professional team can do the job efficiently and safely. Even if you have a residential home, climbing on the roof or hanging out the window is dangerous, and you can seriously injure yourself. If you need to do it multiple times a year, it can become time-consuming. 

In Which Season Should I Get My Windows Professionally Cleaned?

Windows Professionally Cleaned

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Ideally, it would be best if you cleaned your windows in spring and autumn. Several climate factors can affect the quality of the process, such as heat and cold, which is why a mild season is ideal. Cleaning professionals will suggest avoiding window washing on sunny or freezing days. A cloudy and windy day will ensure the substance is drying on the glass properly and there are no remaining streaks. 

Water temperature and glass safety procedures are vital for everyone’s safety and the overall quality of work. Cleaning your windows in spring and autumn will reduce the risk of allergy development and allow for proper UV protection in the following months. Another factor to consider is the amount of pollen and dust in your region because they are likely to affect the clarity of your window. 

What are The Benefits of Spring and Autumn Window Cleaning?

Windows Professionally Cleaned

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Summer and winter are seasons defined by harsher temperatures and intense storms. It is crucial to prepare your windows and water drainage in advance. Many problems arise from grime accumulation, like glass deterioration and mold development. Lack of proper maintenance can lead to window frame damage, which is expensive and difficult to replace.

Working with a professional team will ensure that the build-up from winter or summer will be taken care of, leaving your windows and gutters in perfect shape. Not to mention that an expert staff can guarantee quality work in safe conditions and can detect minor damages before they worsen.

Safe cleaning procedures are also easier to handle during moderate temperatures. If you are the owner of a corporate glass building, you would not want your cleaning crew to climb 100 feet in the sky during a heat wave or a snowy day. That being said, it is not impossible if you work with a trained cleaning crew and need your windows to be regularly checked and maintained. Be sure to consult with them on the best course of action.

Is Rain Season Going to Affect My Windows?

Windows Professionally Cleaned

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States on the West coast are often affected by hurricane season in summer. For example, Florida is the most vulnerable state regarding intense precipitation and wind currents. Strong storms are known to cause damage to windows and glass, which is why you should get a professional to take care of them regularly.

Due to the humidity, a small amount of moisture can accumulate in the frames and lead to mold development or damage to the property if they are not cleaned properly. Rainwater will not affect the clarity of your windows if they are already clean and treated. However, if they are already covered in dirt or grime, water droplets can accumulate and further damage the quality of your cleaning. 

Should I Schedule my Window Cleaning with a Professional Team?

Windows Professionally Cleaned

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Window cleaning can be challenging if your property is taller than one floor. Factors like weather, height, damage, and size can affect your work efficiency if you decide to carry it out yourself. Prevention over correction is always good advice in personal and business life. Hiring a specialized cleaning firm for this endeavor will cut down on future costs and time.

Keep in mind that glass cleaning is meticulous and dangerous if done without any training. Consult with your local window expert before you make any decision about your property. Most firms offer free quotes and consultations, so consider what plan is best for you and your windows. If you find someone that works well for you, sign more extended maintenance contracts with them so you can negotiate better prices and benefits in the future. Visit Bax Clean if you are interested in office window cleaning.

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