6 Benefits and Other Things You Need to Know About High-Rise Living
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On November 10, 2022

One of the best things about living in cities like Dubai is that you have a wide array of residential property types to choose from, including condos, flats, and even penthouses.

Besides the floor area and layout, you also get to choose how high your apartment will be and try something called “high-rise living.”

Want to know more about the experience? Read on to learn what high-rise living is and how you can benefit from this type of residence.

What Is High-Rise Living?

High-Rise Living

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High-rise living is much more literal than you can imagine, with most definitions putting it along the lines of “living in tall buildings called high-rise apartments.”

Based on real estate terminology, buildings at least 23 metres high can be qualified as “high-rise.” Others go by the number of floors, with seven as the minimum. Some, like those Marsa Plaza rent properties in Dubai Festival City, even have multiple towers that rise up to 32 floors.

Those tall structures are usually located in the central business district and downtown areas in highly urbanised cities such as Dubai, making the location another key factor in distinguishing this type of residence.

Of course, high-rise living also comes with a more symbolic meaning.

Because of their location, these apartments offer tenants proximity not only to their work but also to leisure spots and other amenities. Such living arrangements can also be considered as another form of luxury living, with all the conveniences and lavish comforts made available to you on-demand.

Why Choose High-Rise Living? Top 6 Benefits

Individuals have various reasons for choosing high-rise living, but the fact remains that it offers several standard benefits everyone can enjoy, including:

Unparalleled views of the city

High-Rise Living

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The jaw-dropping skyline view is most likely one of the top reasons you’re considering renting a flat in a high-rise building. After all, part of what draws people to the bustling life in a beautiful city is being able to take everything in.

When moving to a city as gorgeous as Dubai, you’ll want to enjoy the scenic views from the comforts of your living space. High-rise apartments can help you do exactly that. It allows you to take in the action without having to set foot outside your home.

It’s even better if you’re near a body of water like Dubai Creek. The higher your apartment is, the better you can enjoy the beautiful city skyline.

Proximity to all things that matter to you

As mentioned earlier, one major appeal high-rise apartments have is their location. Because of their general proximity to just about everything, you can get easy access to all things that matter to you – be it work or entertainment.

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Properties located in Dubai Festival City even have another advantage: They are close to schools, restaurants, shops, and all the basic needs anyone could ever need.

Access to more amenities

High-Rise Living

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Although not all high-rise apartments are meant for luxury, the two often overlap. Because of this, people who choose high-rise living tend to become privy to a wider range of amenities than those in other types of properties get.

For one, buildings categorised as high-rises always have working elevators. This means that you won’t have to struggle to carry your groceries or shopping bags up several flights of stairs to get to your unit.

Some high-rise apartments even have multiple elevators that work 24/7 to ensure that residents don’t need to wait too long to get home.

If you choose your apartment wisely, you can even gain access to more amenities, such as:

  • Public transportation
  • Gyms or fitness clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Convenience stores and supermarkets
  • Malls
  • Tourist attractions

Reduced noise pollution

Although the noise may not bother you during the day, chances are, you’ll want to have some peace and quiet when you’re trying to sleep. This makes living higher up much more convenient as you’re farther away from the noise of the bustling city streets during the evenings.

You may also find this quite appealing if you are trying to get children to go to bed earlier or you have pets that get agitated easily by noise.

Shared maintenance and utilities

High-Rise Living

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Unlike owning a house and lot, you don’t have to maintain everything in the property when you live in an apartment building. You’re only responsible for your own apartment unit – from the floor to the ceiling. Everything else is shared, either with your neighbours or the property management.

If you’re lucky, you might even find a high-rise apartment with on-site property management that takes care of high-speed internet, cable TV, and other utility setups for their tenants. They will also be responsible for any repairs needed for the place. You only need to put in a request when needed.

Ensured security and safety

Finally, high-rise living offers you peace of mind because of the boosted safety and security it can provide.

Most vertical developments come with their own security personnel. You may even see doormen manning the entrances and safety officers patrolling the premises regularly.

Plus, these buildings tend to have comprehensive security systems with CCTVs and alarms to ensure everyone in the building stays safe, not to mention automatic sprinklers and other fire-fighting measures.

Live High, Live in Luxury

High-rise living is one of the most appealing residential options you have in major cities like Dubai because it allows you to experience urban luxury. Learn everything you can about it to make an informed decision.

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