Best Way to Clean Grout Without Scrubbing
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On August 17, 2020

Your floor grout has a characteristic of resisting dirt and stains, and it being porous absorbs dirt and spills. This not only makes the grout dirty but also destroys the overall appearance of your floor.

So what is the best way to clean floor grout? While investigating online, you will find lots of ideas yourself grout cleaning methods that help you wipe up the dirt from the grout. Some of them will be needed to scrub, and all of them will not work correctly. So you are searching the easiest way to clean grout without scrubbing. In this article, we will talk about the listed ideas to clean tile and grout without scrubbing.

Natural way to grout cleaning with baking soda: 

Clean Grout Without Scrubbing


Grout cleaning is a very tough job as it takes many times and labor. So when you are about to go for the grout cleaning process, you can choose baking soda as the homemade cleanser.

This cleansing solution polishes away stains and brightens the grout also.

To make the cleanser, you need only two ingredients.

  • 1 cup of baking soda and
  • 1cup of hydrogen peroxide

After mixing them well, just spread it into the stained grout and let it stay for 10minutes. Now gently scrub it, and here you can add liquid dish too. Then you will notice a visible change that your stained grout turns to net and clean. This soda cleansing solution helps to polish away the grout specks of dirt and stain so you can find a repaid change.

Vinegar as a cleaner:

Clean Grout Without Scrubbing


Vinegar has been used as a natural homemade cleanser from the ancient time. So in your grout cleaning process, you obviously can this one, and it works amazingly or polish stain from the grout lines. What you need just a few ingredients,

  • Vinegar 3tspn
  • Lemon juice half lemon juice
  • Hot water 3half cups

This time you need to mix it well into a spray bottle. Now sprits the cleanser on the dirty grout and let it sit for minimum an hour. After an hour, you need to scrub the grout gently and find the most dirt and grime should lift away. This cleansing solution is the most potent homemade cleanser and extremely affordable too. You do apply this solution for your bathroom and kitchen cleaning as those two are dirt so fast. 

Store-bought Grout cleaner:

Clean Grout Without Scrubbing


Sometimes tiles grout affected with heavy mold and hard stains. In this circumstance, we have to depend on store cleaning products which are made of cleaning the grout. The alkaline cleaner is such a clear which is recommended by the experts. This ideal cleansing solution can fight against heavy and hard mold or stain. It’s a chemical-based cleanser, so you need to know its using measurement. If you follow the manufacturer’s directions, it will be easy to use. During cleaning times, you must need a scrubbing brush. We also suggested you maintain proper protection while you use it.

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Cleaning with chlorine bleach: The Most Powerful Grout Cleaner

Clean Grout Without Scrubbing


For cleaning grout, folks always are looking for reliable cleansing agents, and chlorine bleach is one of them. Though it is the most common cleaning agent, we do not suggest you use it regularly as we know that bleach is a harsh cleaner and can be harmful both for the color of your tiles and yours. You can also use it as a bathroom cleaner, which prevents rebuilding stain on the grout.

Now come to its applying methods. Firstly, use hand gloves and eyes protracted goggles to protect your skin and eyes. It is straightforward to use chlorine bleach. Just apply it directly to the grout lines. Don’t let it leave for too long that may damage your grout permanently. After applying it, wait for a few minutes, raise it with water, or need a bit scrubbing with a grout brush when the stain is hard.

If your grout got less stain and want a gentle cleanser, you can try oxygen bleach. It’s the closest to a no scrub grout cleaner you have found.

Before using bleach, keep opening windows and turn on the fans to make sure well ventilation system of the room.

Use grout cleaning machine

Clean Grout Without Scrubbing


There are lots of grout cleaning machines in the market, but you need the right amount of investment.

Use the steam cleaner 

Cleaning grout is not such an easy task, and there have a lot of processions to clean it. But nowadays we are looking for the most natural way of cleaning the method which consumes our time also. It would be better to use a tile and grout cleaning machines. There are few tools specifically made for cleaning tile grout. A general-purpose steam cleaner you can choose. Where we use a steam cleaner for cleaning up dirt and stains from grout. It is the most useful cleaner that can reduce our arm killing job. It’s very simple to use also. Just heat water to more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit on your steam cleaner and blasts the stream directly into the grout. Hold it for a few minutes and thus repeat it for some while. Here you do use nylon or brass brushes for scrubbing. After steaming and scrubbing, just rinse or mop away the floor.

Use vacuum cleaner

Clean Grout Without Scrubbing


A vacuum cleaner is one of the best cleaning machines suitable for use on all types of sealed hard floors such as tiles, marble, laminates, linoleum, sealed wood, and more. The vacuum is efficient and straightforward to operate and move around, making it easy to clean grout in your home or apartment, distributing water evenly with no puddles left behind. It’s best to regularly vacuum for stone floors to remove dirt and sand from wearing down the tiles.

Final Words

Sometimes cleaning grout is more complicated than cleaning floors, but you need to clean it in the right way. Regular maintains is the best way to keep your floor looking bright and new. Before using any cleaning solution, contract with manufacturers and follow manual instructions.

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