How to Remove Water Stains from Wood?
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On August 5, 2020

Woods are the most utilizable furniture used in home which gives natural beauty and essence to your home. Woods are used for many purposes likewise to build furniture like selves, fences and outdoors-indoors, outbuildings, woods hold against most of the weather, as long as possible. Only the weather which leaves behind many effects on the wood is the rainy season.

Remove Water Stains from Wood


When woods get mixed with the water, it gets affected by phenomena known as water-stains. Though it looks weird, it’s easy to remove water stains by taking care of yourself at first as these woods contain fungicides and pesticides, hence they are toxic for us. Safety first is the better option to remove the stain from wood, isn’t it! Newer wood preservatives are less toxic as compared to the older ones. So, newer woods are much better as it may take more time to get stains. But care should be taken when you are working with the woods may contain wood preservatives.

Water stain results in a bad impact on a wood material, it makes wood lose its properties of hardness, stiffness, and much more, along with that it removes the beauty and appearance of the wood too. Thus it is necessary to remove water stains, if one does not take care of it then there will be no option left anyhow you need to replace that wound with new ones. Moreover while maintaining those stains you need to keep some safety aspects in your mind and have to follow it consciously.

Safety measurements to be taken while removing hard water stains

Remove Water Stains from Wood


As we know, that wood is treated with fungicides, pesticides and some chemicals too before they are used for any kind of purpose. Even though we also treat them with some wood preservatives to protect wood from the damage, hence while working with wood we need to keep our safety first as direct contact with such hazardous chemicals would affect a human body leaving a high damage behind. We have to be concerned about such situations and have to do every possible safety. For safety purposes do follow the below given steps:

  • Unpainted wood is being treated with wood preservatives, be aware of such wood.
  • Wood contains fungicides and pesticides that may be harmful to your health; do take care of such woods containing such harmful chemicals.
  • Using household bleach is caustic while oxalic acid is highly caustic, so always wear safety equipment before using such materials.
  • Wear plastic gloves or insulated gloves before contacting with the wood or its material.
  • Face mask is a must, to prevent inhalation of toxic chemicals and their residue.
  • Try to keep distance while removing water spots with water spot remover.

If you are feeling it much riskier then do it yourself instead call some experts.

When to remove stains from wood

It is obvious that water stains and water spots are created at the time of rainy season, thus if you wanna remove them properly then you have to choose a time at which instance the surrounding is dry it must not contain any type of moisture. Furthermore you can do this process anytime by moving your wood to a place like garage, shop, or other dry and warm areas, just make sure that you have even conditions for drying out the wood rapidly. The only thing which can complicate your all efforts is rain, thus do not ever try to do this work at the rainy season.

Tools and materials you require

Remove Water Stains from Wood


You don’t need any kind of expensive tools or materials, the only thing which is expensive is pressure washer. You need to invest once for  that tool, rather than it everything is inexpensive and easy to obtain.

  1. Tools
  •         Cloth iron
  •         Clean, white, dry cotton cloth
  •         Nozzle
  •         Pressure washer
  •         Clean bucket
  •         Dense sponge
  •         Waterproof / insulated gloves
  •         Sand paper
  •         Eye / face protection
  •         Synthetic bristle brush
  1. Material
  •         Deck cleaning solution
  •         Concentrated oxalic acid (wood bleach)
  •         Household bleach

How to remove white water stains from wood?

Remove Water Stains from Wood


White water stains are basically created due to wet glasses kept on table or any other wood furniture you have in your house, that wet glass creates a spot on the wood which removes the color of the wood and makes it appear as a white color, though it is called as white water spot also. Removing those stains is a very easy task for one to do, as you don’t need any kind of chemical solution or material to remove such stains. All you need to do is just take an iron, drain all water using that iron. After removing all the water, turn the iron to dry mode and let it heat up to its lowest level, thus overheating may cause several bad impacts on wood. Lay a clean, dry, cotton cloth on the stained area make sure that fabrics do transfer to the wood. Then pass that warm iron slowly and gradually over the cloth for a couple of minutes. Lift the cloth and keep checking on your progress, once you feel that cloth has reached its personal limit then keep switching it. After sometime your work will come up with the utmost outcome, and you can achieve a stain free newly achieved wood.

How to remove hard water stains?      

Remove Water Stains from Wood


The stains occurred due to falling of a massive water amount on the wood and which goes on reacting with the wood and changes the physical and chemical properties of it. Such stains also make the wood lose its original properties as hard water stains. For removing such stains we need to rely on some superficial and adhesive materials, some of the best hard water stain remover is household bleach and oxalic acid.

Removing hard water stain with a bleach solution

Since bleach is caustic to health you need to do your safety at first before taking any action. To remove dark stains you need household diluted bleach only, all you need to do is take a cloth and apply some bleach on it after that by gently rubbing on stain you can erase troublesome stains easily. There must be several steps taken while removing hard stains from bleach:

  • Create a solution containing a composition of 50% household bleach and 50% water.
  • Safety measurements must be applied likewise wear hand gloves and face mask, along with face mask wear something for eye protection.
  • Now take a clean sponge and gently apply the solution on stains using a sponge. Do not drench the sponge before you use it.
  • While rinsing the stain you’ll find that the stains are gradually and slowly getting lighter, a stage will come when the stain will disappear permanently, hold on there and let the surface of the wood get dried out completely.
  • If the outcome is not appropriate or it does not match your requirements then go on concentrating the solution to achieve a better outcome, you can use a solution of 75% bleach and 25% water.

Removing hard water stain with oxalic acid   

Remove Water Stains from Wood 7


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There are some stains which do not get rid of even after applying the household bleach, thus those stains are much harder, deeper and stickier to the wood, for removing such stains obviously one needs a concentrated material, here is where oxalic acid comes in and plays a vital role. As we know that the material which we are going to use is much similar to concentrated acid, if you are careless to such material then it may cause severe incidents which can cause hazardous injuries to one or even death, thus, do not forget to wear hand gloves, eye protection, and face mask. Steps to be followed by removing the stains are:

  • Make a solution of hot water and oxalic acid in a separate bucket which you are not going to use further anymore.
  • Take a synthetic bristle brush and apply the solution to stained wood by using it. Prohibiting the usage of cloth is must as oxalic acid will burn it into small residue.
  • Keep on applying the solution unless and until the hard stain gets removed completely.
  • After done with the rinsing leave it to get dried up.

After it gets dried up you can then have a wood with no stains, now that wood is ready to use wherever you want. After removing the stains from the wood do not forget to apply some wood preservatives, as they will protect your wood from getting stains again. If possible then use only highly qualified preservatives as they will keep your wood protected for a long lasting period of time. For getting more information about how to remove water stains from wood? Have a look! Here, in The Architecture Designs, we have the best methods which one can rely on to remove water stains.  

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