4 Simple Tips to Ensure Fire Door Safety Compliance
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On August 5, 2020

Every organization out there is vulnerable to several types of threats to both their business continuity and its people. From natural disasters to acts of violence, several things can go wrong at the workplace. Perhaps the scariest one of them all is a fire incident. When a fire incident happens anywhere, it can cause severe damage in a very short period of time. That is why it is important for every business to install fire doors, extinguishers and water sprinklers in their workplace. See more tips about fire door safety at The Architecture Designs.

Fire Door Safety

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When it comes to fire doors, they are integral and can help save a lot of lives. Installing fire doors and maintaining them properly is a must for any organization. If you still haven’t installed fire doors in your workplace or have a really old one, then you must visit fire door installation and maintenance to learn more about it. Now, let’s take a look at how you can ensure fire door safety compliance.

Pay Good Attention

Fire Door Safety

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You can ensure the compliance of the doors by simply paying good attention to them and by checking them regularly. That way, you will be able to catch any damage or functionality issue before it becomes a major issue. Also, if the latch of the door is causing any sort of problems, you must get it fixed as soon as possible. You must also keep in mind that the NFPA will inspect your fire doors annually. So, to make a good impression and to ensure everyone safety remember never to ignore your fire doors.

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Be careful With the Paint

Fire Door Safety

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When you are painting your workplace with your brand’s color, you are not going to leave the fire doors. But be cautious when you are painting fire doors because they work differently than other doors. Avoid painting on the heat actuated devices as that can mess with the activation of self-closing doors. You must also not paint on the fusible links of the door. Also, make sure to do a neat job in it, if the paints get accumulated on sensitive parts of the door it can cause problems.

Never Modify on Your Own

Fire Door Safety

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If come across people who try to modify their fire doors on their own, it always ends badly. If you want to add something new or want to change something on the door, then it is strictly advised that you check with a professional first. There are several fire door installation and maintenance companies out there that can guide you better and can help you make modifications that are safe as well.

Operate Open Doors Regularly

It is important for you to operate the open doors regularly.  Some fire doors are designed to stay in the open position, but the NFPA recommends that you operate these doors regularly, so you will know that the self-closing device is working. Self-closing devices can malfunction if they are not operated for a long period of time. So testing these doors is integral to your workplace’s safety.

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