12 Easy & Effective Ways to Clean Your Marble Flooring
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On March 20, 2021


Nothing says beauty like marble, a timeless substance that comes in various colors and veining patterns and creates excellent flooring. This small, porous stone, on the other hand, is infamous for staining, and only a few cleaning products could be used on it without harming people.

What would homeowners do to help them look fresh? If you wonder how to wash marble floors inside your own house, read on for all the details, you would need, from regular cleaning to stain removal.

Use warm water

clean marble flooring

source: this oldhouse.com

When the marble tile becomes filthy and requires some work to scrub, there is no better solution than fresh, clean water. The liquid, which is usually part of a gentle cleaning substance, essentially removes grime stuck to your surface. It would be best if you used a sponge as an instrument. Steep the sponge in a tub of warm water before cleaning the affected area.

There is an explanation of why you should choose freshwater. It would help if you were mindful that any residue or soil in the water could damage the marble carpeting. We advise that you can use filtered water for the best results. Replace the water in your mop bucket daily.

Clean up the spills immediately

You may start the necessary cleaning marble tile process by removing spills as early as you detect their appearance on the surface.

The swift action, without a doubt, protects the flooring from any damage in the nearish term. It would help if you wiped up the mess with a soft towel. Wipe the surface clean with the cloth. Check to see if the field is fully dry or not.

Avoid the use of vacuum cleaners

clean marble flooring

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Vacuuming can be one of the most common cleaning techniques. Regardless, you are unable to carry out this operation on your marble surface. The bad news is that the cleaning machine can create streaks and scratches in the marble.

You will not sweep without a broom in the house regularly. Cleaning with that could necessitate a bit of effort. It also aids in the burning of calories.

Use a PH-neutral cleanser

Marble floor care necessitates a thorough knowledge of the stone’s actual characteristics. Placed, acidic cleaners are terrible for the floor’s physical condition. Instead of using an acid-based exfoliator, use a pH neutral cleanser explicitly.

The vein pattern on the stone and the shine are preserved by using this eco-sustainable option. So, how do you scrub marble tiles with a pH-neutral cleaner to make them shine? First and foremost, make clear that the cleanser is combined with clear water in a large bathtub.

You may also use a microfiber mop or a sponge mop if you do not have one. To get rid of the dirt, go back and forth in slow motion. Repeat this process until you will have a dirt-free marble floor.

Consider everything about marble flooring

It is essential to consider the properties of marble floors before washing them. Marble, in reality, is a porous rock that erodes rapidly. It is also vulnerable to varnish issues, and even a single spill will result in horrifying stains.

Please remember that marble is a fundamental substance. Harm is perhaps the better way to describe the new flooring until it is compromised with something acidic.

Once you have defined the most critical characteristics of marble stone, leave any outlets with a high acidity degree out of the equation. Squeezing lemon or vinegar on marble is likely a terrible idea. If the liquid ruins the marble floor, the etching problem will inevitably arise. Cleaning agents that are deemed abrasive, such as scouring material, can also be resisted.

Use baking soda

Here’s how to spruce up and clean the marble flooring on your own. Before starting with the cleaning, make clear that all soil has been collected and the surface is dried. You can make full use of your baking soda in the kitchen for an eco-friendly scrubbing choice.

To begin, combine baking soda and water and soak a clean cloth in it. And, on the marble flooring, spray the saturated material. Remember to leave it for at least 5 hours to encourage it to glow. When it has thoroughly dried, wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth soaked in hot water. Gradually wash the surface with it in a clockwise direction. Your tile is now gleaming again.

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How to remove Bruise Marks on Marble Flooring?

clean marble flooring

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Are you irritated that a smudge mark has emerged on your marble flooring? There is no need to be concerned. Remove it with a fuzzy feel pad. This sort of unit, according to residents, dazzles whenever it comes to providing floor security.

For a few moments, wash the felt pad in a bucket filled with a combination of water and detergent. Then, using the advanced marble floor cleaner, continue scraping the dusty surface.

Is there an exact way to use the felt pad to extract the rust? It would help if you did not use whatever tools you choose. When sweeping the place, we do not expect you to scrub in a complete circle.

Your arms and the motorized system should be going in opposite directions. This move aims to keep the marble floor’s layer as fragile as possible.

Clean using steam process

The steam method can be used to clean your marble base thoroughly. It is the finest substitute cleaner you have ever known of out of all the ways.  With the aid of a steam cleaner, you will achieve real shining and upkeep. You can quickly extract soil and natural bacteria from the marble floor’s deeper ground using this tool.

The steam cleaner is the best gadget for washing marble floors. Chemical systems would not be able to scrub the floor adequately, and it will take a longer time. If you clean the floor with a liquid brush, you risk destroying it. Taking everything into account, it is clear that the safest option for marble floors is to use a steam cleaner. You will get a lot of fast and accurate results using this tool.

Steam cleaners are fantastic and the perfect choice for cleaning marble floors. Modern technology has developed steam engines specifically for marble floors; thus, a steam cleaner should have been the first option for washing marble surfaces.

Use of unbleached flour

Blend a tablespoon of unbleached rice, a few drops of mild liquid soap, and water to make a paste. Apply and scatter the paste on the surface where the dye stains are visible. After that, wrap it in plastic wrap and let it dry for 24 hours. Remove the paste and scrub the marble floor with soapy water after one day.

Make use of cornstarch

clean marble flooring

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Greasy marks are difficult to remove. Cornstarch is one such home cure for removing such stains. To begin, squirt some filtered water on the spilt spot. Apply a dense coat of cornstarch to the surface and set it aside for a day.

Slightly mist the dye with purified water. Apply a dense coat of cornstarch to the surface. Set aside for 24 hours. Repeat the process until you are delighted with the results.

Hydrogen peroxide can be a good option

Implement hydrogen peroxide to a section of cotton gauze and place it on the stained patch. It is important to remember to damp the sunk cotton thoroughly. To keep the thing free of air and dust, coat it in plastic wrap. Tape may also be used to cover the ends. Allow for a day of drying before checking for stains. If necessary, you can replicate the process.

Note – Using the solvent will lighten the region marginally. If your marble floors are dark in color, use them with caution. Before using it on your marble floor, check it in a limited region.


Here the architecture designs explore simplest and easiest marble floor processes. Either of the procedures listed below can be used to clean a marble surface. If you’d like to keep your marble floor clean and beautiful for a long time, follow all of the above instructions.

Eventually, you would be able to discover the right way to scrub a marble floor from here. Clean marble floors are helpful to one’s well being and make a space more appealing. As a result, marble floors must be swept daily.

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