“Dance Of Light” - An Architectural Marvel, 180-meter Tall Twisted Towers Unveiled In China
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On October 11, 2022

In China, skyscrapers are not a recent invention. China is a global hub of towers that represents incredible architectural wonders. The list of skyscrapers recently gained another masterpiece. The 180-meter-long Twisted Tower in China has been exposed and is set to awe locals, visitors, businesspeople, and people from foreign lands with its beauty.

The ‘Dance of Light’ skyscraper, one of the world’s most twisted structures, was just presented in Chongqing, a large city in western China. The odd frontage of the tower, which stands 180 meters tall (nearly 590 feet), is a successful project by the architectural firm Aedas. It resembles the northern lights.

What Are “Twisted Towers”? 

Twisted Towers

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This structure is located at Xingfu Plaza. The 39-story Twisting towers are very beautiful landmarks in the commercial area that falls under the Jiangbei district. 34 floors are extremely professional office spaces and the top 5 floors contain meeting rooms and other facilities. At lower levels, restaurants and cafes are located. 

The world’s most twisted towers have created a buzz on social media. It looks fascinating due to its curves. The exterior of the building has two surfaces having curves on them. It bizarrely gives a twisted look to the building. Moreover, vertical outlines draw attention to the architecture. 

The facade design of this world’s most twisted towers is inspired by the dancing aurora, with linkages connecting the northern and eastern sides bottom-to-top. As per Aedas, the “dance of light” has its distinctive look. Because of the juxtaposition of rectilinear shapes and double curves on the façades of towers it has a unique appearance.

The Dance of Light idea is a way of expression to honor Chongqing’s success in embracing technology, according to Ken Wai, global design principle at Aedas. With its “minimalistic” design and reflection from glass panels, this display of light produces a stunning display of light. Twisted tower in china has added one more feather to the cap of the architectural advancement of China.

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Vibrant Features Of Twisted Towers In China 

Twisted Towers

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Some incredible details regarding the construction are available in the description on the official website. Different angles offer different views of the tower because light reflects and bend over its facades. It also has a nic name the “Dance Of Light” tower.

It has a curved exterior, therefore the tower appears with illumination in the early morning light. Its curving arch reflects light in a manner that resembles a ballerina in motion at night. 

Aedas also exposes a few extraordinary features of the structure. By extending the sliding twist down from the podium to the tower, the podium roof maintains a cohesive architectural style and echoes the tower’s geometry. 

With a twisting angle of 8.8 degrees per floor, the Dance Of Light tower is nearly 1.5 times higher than any other super high-rise. This unique curve makes “Dance Of Light” the most twisted tower in the world. Due to its open public nature, the tower is undoubtedly a city icon, especially thanks to the notable twist in the facade.

Similar Towers In The World 

Twisted Towers

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“Dance Of Light” is not the first twisted architecture. Many other towers are there in this category. Turning Torso tower is 190 meters high and 54 stories high. It was officially open to the public in 2005. The White Marble Twisting Torso sculpture by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava inspired the design of the building based on its concept, according to Forbes. 

The “Absolute Towers” was a project of the Chinese architecture company MAD in 2012. On each of the two oval-shaped floors of these buildings are apartments measuring 170 meters in height.

One of Dubai’s most unique architectural features is its twisted structure, which is the tallest in the world. In an article published by Architect Magazine, Cayan Tower is a 75-story structure. Moreover, it is rotating completely from its bottom to its top.

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