Designing Your Dream Murphy Bed: Customizable Options and Trends
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On August 28, 2023

Have you always dreamed about creating a stylish yet functional space with your very own Murphy bed? With Bestar, it’s never been easier! You can make your space shine with a practical and versatile Murphy bed in Canada.

One of the key benefits of owning a Murphy bed is practicality. You can seamlessly set up a multipurpose room, without reducing floor space in the process. By day, you’ll have a home office or exercise room and by night, you’ll have a comfortable guest space. All Bestar Murphy beds have a dual piston lifting mechanism, making it easy to fold and close the bed, without any heavy lifting. The best part? Bestar offers customizable options, so you can choose the perfect Murphy bed for your home. Once you’ve chosen your bed, you can add matching storage furniture from the same collection to create a fabulous unit. Ready to get inspired? Keep reading!

Consider Size and Space

Designing Your Dream Murphy Bed


When looking for your dream Murphy bed, it’s crucial to think about size and space. The first step is to measure your room and think about the layout. For instance, start with the height and width of your walls so you can decide which size Murphy bed fits your space and where exactly you can put the bed. In addition, Bestar recommends a clearance of 30 to 36 inches around the open bed, so it’s a good idea to measure the floor space so you can move around easily. If possible, consider placing your bed near a window to soak up natural sunlight throughout the day.

Once you’ve taken all your measurements and scouted your home, you can consider which size Murphy bed you prefer for your space. Bestar has Full and Queen Murphy beds, each equipped with a slatted bed base for optimal comfort. What’s more, Bestar Murphy beds can accommodate most standard size mattresses, so you’ll have the freedom to choose the perfect mattress for your needs. Before you purchase a mattress, it’s a good idea to make sure it meets Bestar’s requirements in terms of weight and thickness.

How About Built-In Storage?

Designing Your Dream Murphy Bed


Storage solutions are ideal for any space, but especially in a multipurpose room. With multiple activities taking place in the same area, it’s so important to keep your space clean, organized and clutter-free. Thankfully, Bestar offers Murphy beds with built-in storage options, making it easy to keep your room looking fabulous!

Staying organized and tidy is paramount, no matter if you’re using the space as a guest room, craft area, gym, or home office. Depending on the design you choose, Bestar has several Murphy bed models with one or two storage cabinets. Some come with drawers, fixed and adjustable shelving, open and closed compartments, or hanging rods. What’s great is that you get to choose the storage options you need for your space. Each Murphy bed collection by Bestar offers numerous bundles with a variety of storage configurations, and in most cases, you can choose to add additional drawers and doors to your storage too if you’d like.

Opt for a Model with a Desk

Designing Your Dream Murphy Bed


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Have you always wanted a work-from-home space but just don’t have room for a dedicated office? With Bestar, you can create an office and guest room in the same space. No need to compromise—you’ll have the best of both worlds! 

Bestar has two different Murphy beds with a desk, so you can opt for the model that best meets your needs. The first model from the Lumina Collection has an integrated desktop attached to the cabinet, perfect for working on a laptop. Some beds from this collection also come with shelving units, providing ample space for your laptop, work supplies, and more. When you want to use the bed, simply clear the desktop and fold it. What’s more, Lumina Murphy beds come with built-in lighting, so you can work efficiently and comfortably at your desk.

The second option from the Orion Collection has a hideaway desk that folds into the cabinet. This model has open and closed storage compartments as well as a USB port and power outlet, ideal for charging your laptop, phone, tablet, and more. You can keep your printer or small desk lamp in the open storage compartment above the desk for additional practicality. Consider adding a comfy, ergonomic office chair to make your workspace complete. When you’re ready to get some shut eye, fold the desk into the unit, clear the floor space and fold the bed down. You’ll reap all the benefits of an ergonomic workspace during the day and a cozy bed at night.

Choose the Right Style

Designing Your Dream Murphy Bed


Lastly, one of the most crucial steps in choosing your dream Murphy bed is deciding on the style. Bestar has collections with an array of colors, finishes and designs, so you’re sure to find something that catches your eye.

If you’re looking for a contemporary look, why not go with a Murphy bed from the Orion Collection? These beds come in a two-tone finish and have stainless steel metal handles, giving the unit a truly sleek and sophisticated look. For a clean and modern design, the Lumina Collection has Murphy beds with brushed nickel handles and built-in lighting—perfect for late-night reading.

Thinking about a more traditional or classic look? No problem! Consider a Murphy bed with attractive crown moldings from the Versatile Collection or with shaker-inspired trim from the Pur Collection. With so many options available, you’ll certainly find the picture-perfect Murphy bed for your home.

No matter what style you’re looking for, you can create the perfect multipurpose room with a Bestar Murphy bed. You can choose the right configuration and model that works with your space and needs. Your dream Murphy bed in Canada is only a few clicks away!

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