Take it to the Next Level, Murphy Bed is Your Answer
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On November 5, 2020

The Murphy bed is a type of bed that you can fold, and this feature lets you save up space especially when you are living in a smaller home. There are a lot of Murphy bed designs that you can choose from. Some are integrated with lightings, storage, and some even have office components. 

Three Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Murphy Bed

The top three reasons for investing in a Murphy bed are the following:

  1. Murphy beds provide you with more open space

Murphy Bed

source: rockler.com

Most people who are purchasing Murphy beds have one thing in mind, getting a more open space. So, with the ability to hide your bed away when you are not using it, will provide you with open floor space especially during the day. This will let have room to do your daily routine like exercise, and other hobbies.

  1. It gives you multi-functional rooms

By being able to put your bed away when not using it, your room is no longer just a bedroom. Now you can transform it into your living room, office, or a guest-room in just one click. With this, you will no longer have to devote a whole room just to entertain occasional guests.

  1. It has sophisticated designs

With all of the technological advancements, Murphy beds have evolved as well. They are no longer just some plain wall beds, but have been integrated with a lot of features which does minimal damage to your wall. Now, these beds can even be transferred if you need it to be. There are straps that are included in order to hold the bedding in place.

Murphy Bed

source: wayfair.com

You can even dictate the design that you want for your bed so that it is still functional even though you are not using it as a bed.

How Big are Murphy Beds?

Murphy beds enable you to transform your room into something else – a multi-functional space. Now, you can integrate tables, shelves, desks and seats into the bed whenever you are not using it. There are various sizes for Murphy beds and it can really be a great addition to your home.

A murphy bed is one that has a full-sized mattress making it so comfortable when sleeping and easy to put away when not in use so that you can maximize your space.

Murphy Bed

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And because there really is no fixed size for Murphy beds, you will be able to choose freely as to your preferences, including who will be using the bed, or the frequency of using the bed, or the space that you are going to need when you sleep. With all of these things into consideration, it is important that you have an accurate measure of the space that is available in your home before you finally choose the size of the bed that you want.

As Murphy beds are great space savers, you should also consider that there is ample space for the bed to fold down fully, and enough room to walk around when the bed is being used.

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What Designs Do Murphy Beds Come In?

If you are buying for a child, a single Murphy bed is the ideal type. This bed has the ability of giving your child a good night’s sleep while saving up a huge amount of space at the same time. This type is most recommended when your space is really limited. Adults may also use this single type of Murphy bed, however, most adults prefer a bigger sleeping space.

Thus, you need not worry because there are Murphy beds that are of traditional queen size, especially when you are going to accommodate two adults and give them a comfortable space to sleep. So, if you are going to get a queen-sized Murphy bed, you should still consider the floor space that will be taken out when the bed is pulled down.

There are even those that look like Bung beds. This type of Murphy bed is most useful when the floor space of your home is really limited. So, by installing a Murphy bed, you will be able to achieve the functionality of a traditional bunk bed and save space at the same time. This is perfect if it is a shared bedroom.

Murphy Bed Trends

Murphy Bed

source: wallbedsnmore.com

Right now, most trends when it comes to Murphy beds are those which are integrated into bookcases, stow sideways, built into fitted closed, and also the sofas.

  • The Bookcase Murphy Bed

This type of Murphy bed is one of the most popular designs. This type of Murphy bed is perfect if you are having guests. With this design, you can also use the bookcase as a storage, or whatever purpose you wish to do with it.

  • The Bi-fold Murphy Bed

This type of Murphy bed has a visible hat when folded. So this will transform your bed into a stylish cabinet. And when you open the bi-fold door, it will reveal either a twin, a full, or a queen-sized bed whichever you deem comfortable for a restful sleep.

  • The Flip-up desk Murphy Bed

This type of Murphy bed is great if you want to use the open space as an office, and then revert it to a bedroom when you sleep. These beds have flip-up desks on the under-side of the mattress, and then these desks can be used for home-office works when the bed is not in use.

Murphy Bed

source: dwell.com

  • The Sideways Stowing Murphy Bed

This is another popular design for Murphy beds. This type of Murphy bed is created in order for the bed to fit below the shelving so that it can integrate seamlessly into the cabinetry.

  • The Bed-Into-Closet Murphy Bed

If you have a bedroom that has fitted closets, you can still opt of having a Murphy bed. So, the one side of this bed is going to be used as a bed, and the other side needs to be fitted with clothes rod and shelves.

  • The Sofa Murphy Bed

This popular design lets you fold out the bed and then transform it into a sofa. This trend is one that has been attaining increasing popularity because The Sopha Murphy bed is way more comfortable than those traditional sofa beds.

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