Why Drywall is The Best Material to Use on Your Interior?
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On April 13, 2020

Drywall is a gypsum panel that is popularly used in the house interior. These are easy to install, offer a lot of flexibility and most importantly require less workforce and money. This is why millions of American homes are now decorated with drywall interior and it is growing every year. According to the Gypsum Association, 2 billion square meters of drywall is manufactured every year in North America.

Now, the question is Why this has become popular? We are going to answer this question below. Keep reading-


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Easy to Install

Drywall sheets have made construction easier than ever. When you need to mix a lot of materials to make plaster, drywall panels come readymade from the manufacturing facility. Unlike plaster, you just need to install panels in your house frame with nails, staples, and screws. For this, drywall liners can be installed with minimal effort and time compared to other construction methods.


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Easy to Repair

When it comes to repairing works, drywall is a clear winner among all of the construction materials. You need a putty knife, mud, sander, and paint to patch a broken or scratched drywall. Watch a video tutorial on your specific problem and you are good to go for repairing your interior wall. That’s why The Tooly recognizes drywall as the homeowner’s wallet-friendly material. You save money for installation as well as when repairing. A win-win situation everywhere.


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Lower Price, Higher Value

As we have already talked about the price point, you should not think that a lower price means it will provide lower value. When it is the case for most of the materials we buy, drywall panels are a bit different.

They come cheap because of mass production in the manufacturing plant and the availability of the raw materials. You need not spend money on repairs, because it is easy! So, the price becomes a lot cheaper than other materials but provides a great value for the money.


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Better Insulation

If you are looking for a better-insulated home where the temperature is maintained without spending much on energy, drywall comes first at the list. Since these are sheets which you can install on frames, you can easily insulate the space between two sheets for making your home a comfortable one.

But if you intend to do this in other construction materials like concrete, you can’t insulate your home easily.


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Long-Lasting Build

You will be astonished knowing the average lifespan of drywall. Of course, not all drywall panels are as strong as you will expect. Because they come in different thicknesses. The rule is- the thicker, the stronger. So, if you choose to decorate your wood-framed home with drywall interior, you should consider going with the thickest drywall panels available.

Thick panels will last for decades without requiring you to do any repair.


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Access to Pipes and Wires

When we talk about home, we include everything that is installed in our home. Pipes and wires that provide you the access to water, electricity, and the internet are not easily accessible in concrete made home. But when you have drywall installed, you can easily remove a portion of the drywall to access and repair those hose and wires.


Drywall panels have been invented a long ago but became popular after World War 2. And now, it is one of the leading material used for constructing homes worldwide for their never-ending benefits.

A big advantage of having a drywall panel installed in the house is that you can repair your own home without consulting a handyman unless you have a big problem. So, you save a lot of money over the years which is not possible with other construction materials at thearchitecturedesigns.

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