The Top 10 Most Energy-Efficient Office Buildings in the World 
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On January 15, 2024

The demand for energy efficiency has surged in recent decades, driven by diminishing resources and changing climatic conditions. It is undeniable that there is a pressing need to address and mitigate the effects of climate change. The construction of energy-efficient buildings plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable living and ensuring environmental safety. Energy-efficient offices not only maximize efficiency but also contribute to eco-friendliness.

In this blog at Live Enhanced, we’ll delve into the realm of energy-efficient office buildings globally. Below is a list of the top ten most energy-efficient office buildings in the world:

  1. One Embankment Place, London, United Kingdom
  2. The Edge, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. RB12, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  4. Cube Building, Germany
  5. Powerhouse Kjorbo, Oslo, Norway
  6. Pixel, Melbourne, Australia
  7. The Empire State Building, New York, USA
  8. CH2 Melbourne City Council House, Melbourne, Australia
  9. Genzyme Center, Massachusetts, USA
  10. Bullitt Center, Seattle, USA 

One Embankment Place, London, United Kingdom

Energy-Efficient Office Buildings in the World 

source: Construction Index

Situated in London, United Kingdom, One Embankment Place is celebrated for its effective utilization of eco-friendly carpet tiles. The building incorporates various sustainable elements, including natural lighting and efficient charging points, collectively contributing to a nearly 35% reduction in carbon usage. Furthermore, the design emphasizes the need for prudent and efficient use of space.

The Edge, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Energy-Efficient Office Buildings in the World 

source: pinterest

The Edge, situated in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is a 15-storey office building renowned for its efficient spatial design. Completed in 2014, the structure spans an area of 40,000 square meters, standing out as one of the most energy-efficient buildings globally. Noteworthy features include a glass facade, sustainable resource utilization, and a healthy ventilation system, collectively contributing to its recognition as a top-tier building.

RB12, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Energy-Efficient Office Buildings in the World

source: Pinterest

RB12 is a business center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With its green refurbishment, water consumption management system, and natural lighting system, the building stands out as one of the most energy-efficient structures. It incorporates the use of solar panels and fuel cells for a clean energy production system. From utilizing photovoltaic panels and green balconies to implementing rainwater harvesting systems, RB12 embraces a variety of sustainable practices.

Cube Building, Germany

Energy-Efficient Office Buildings in the World 

source: stirworld

The Cube Building in Germany boasts ten floors, each embodying eco-friendly practices. Featuring an underground parking system and reduced operational costs, the building ensures an efficient energy flow. Renowned for its intricate glazed facade, this feature serves not only as an aesthetic highlight but also as a sustainable element, contributing to the building’s overall environmentally conscious design.    

Powerhouse Kjorbo, Oslo, Norway

Energy-Efficient Office Buildings in the World 

source: ecofriend

Situated in Oslo, Norway, Powerhouse Kjorbo exemplifies energy efficiency through its innovative systems, encompassing efficient ventilation and abundant natural lighting. Its comprehensive management system results in reduced overall energy consumption. Spanning nearly 5200 square meters, Powerhouse Kjorbo integrates solar cells and recycled materials, contributing to a holistic approach to sustainable building performance. With an exceptional rating in the BREEAM-NOR environmental certification system, the structure stands as a true embodiment of environmentally friendly practices.

Pixel, Melbourne, Australia


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Completed in 2010, the Pixel building covers an expansive area of around 840 square meters. Impressively, it integrates an efficient water treatment system, harvesting rainwater for diverse essential uses. With a flawless score of 100 in green star rating systems, it proudly holds the title of Australia’s first carbon-neutral office building. Enhancing its eco-friendly attributes, the structure showcases a vibrant exterior, adding a visually pleasing touch to its overall design.

The Empire State Building, New York, USA

source: Pinterest

The Empire State Building, situated in New York, USA, showcases the Art Deco architectural style, creating an enchanting spectacle for visitors. Completed in 1931, the office building encompasses 102 floors. Its graceful facade and aesthetic features have elevated it to iconic status. Notably, it is designed for energy efficiency, utilizing a comparatively lower amount of energy. Additionally, the structure boasts an efficient ventilation system, contributing to its carbon-neutral operations.

CH2 Melbourne City Council House, Melbourne, Australia

source: Flickr

Completed in 2006, CH2 Melbourne City Council House in Melbourne, Australia, serves as an eco-friendly structure, incorporating sustainable practices and environmentally friendly features. Moreover, the structure has also earned a 6-star green rating. From its aesthetic design to its functional components, CH2 represents Melbourne’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Genzyme Center, Massachusetts, USA

Energy-Efficient Office Buildings in the World 


The Genzyme Center in Massachusetts is a prime example of sustainable building. It has achieved LEED Platinum certification, demonstrating its commitment to energy efficiency and environmental safety. The building not only utilizes a natural ventilation system but also incorporates proper solar or photovoltaic panels for electricity production. Green roofs and effective water treatment systems are a few of the key aspects of the building that make it environmentally safe.

Bullitt Center, Seattle, USA

Energy-Efficient Office Buildings in the World 


Completed in 2013, the Bullitt Center in Seattle, USA, stands out as one of the world’s greenest buildings. Spanning six stories, it features advanced environmental practices such as rainwater harvesting and a comprehensive water treatment system. Emphasizing the importance of natural sunlight and ventilation, the building is designed to optimize overall performance. Constructed with a strong commitment to environmental well-being, it carefully considers factors such as ecological health and resource conservation.


In conclusion, the increasing demand for sustainable building practices has afforded architects the opportunity to design structures that prioritize environmental friendliness. Sustainability is incorporated from the very first step of architecture, which involves drafting tile shop drawings, stone shop drawings, Millwork Shop Drawings, and other architectural plans in a manner that instills sustainability once a building is constructed. The integration of sustainable practices is not only impactful in a positive way on the environment but has also become a widely embraced and secure trend. This upward trajectory is expected to persist, and the demand for green buildings is anticipated to rise significantly with each passing day.

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