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On August 21, 2018

The office building design is a vital part of an enterprises identity and efficiency. There are some Office Building Design Ideas that help to change the monotonous look of the office building. The object is to create a more comfortable and employee-centric space to work.

Office Building Design

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Nowadays organization focuses on certain fundamental ideas to build office area such as sustainable and flexible design, branding and identity, office amenities and accessory spaces, intelligent circulation, etc.

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Sustainable And Flexible Office Building Design: The main characteristics of a sustainable building are energy efficient design, use of renewable energy, natural ventilation, and indoor air quality, sustainable site planning, the use of recycling material etc. Considering the future, a design should be innovative and flexible. Movable partition walls, cubicle-style working space are the example of flexible design, which can change as per the requirement.

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Branding And Identity: The office building design is part of the company personality and commercial branding. Building design conveys the image and identity of the company. Before designing the official building, it is better to discuss with the architects about the branding.  

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Office Amenities And Accessory Space: The size of the building gives the opportunities to accessories and add better amenities in the office. There are many non-essential spaces in the office, which can incorporate to other uses like storing, cafeteria, lunchroom, locker room, recreation room, library, etc.

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Elevators And Circulation: Proper utilization of space can be done by intelligent circulation in the office building. A smart layout for the people getting around the office. High-speed elevator access is necessary for tall buildings.

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Office Building Design
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