How to Set a Table: A Guide to Table Setting
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On September 11, 2021

Setting up a table is art. It displays your creativity, as well as your dedication to serve as a host. From linens to glassware and centerpieces, everything that’s on the table matters. However, it is a fact that even if you have world-class tableware, like the Rina Menardi dinner plate, it’s all useless if you don’t know how to set the table.

Setting up a table can often be more complicated than it looks. So, to help you out, we have come up with an array of ways to set things up, from formal occasions to casual dinners.

Read on to know them, go on!

Table setting for a casual meal

Table setting


Start with placing mats. Make sure they are in contrast with the linens to make them look good.

Set the dinner plates in the center of the setting and if you are planning to serve salad, make sure to place them atop the dinner plate.

Place the dinner fork on the left of the dinner plate and if you are serving salad, put the fork to the left of the dinner fork.

Put the knife to the right of the dinner plate and spoons to the right of the knife.

Set the water glass on the top just above the knife.

If you’re serving wine, make sure you place the wineglass on the right of the water glass.

Place the napkin on the plate or underneath the fork, as per your choice.

Table Setting for Formal Events

Table setting


Begin by laying out a crip tablecloth that goes with the surroundings. Then place your posh Rina Menardi dinner plate right in the middle of the setting.

Place your salad plate right on top of the dinner plate. And the bread plate above to the left of dinner and the salad plate. You horizontally place the butter knife on the bread plate as well.

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After setting up the plates, it’s time to set the cutlery. Make sure you place the dinner fork to the left of the dinner plate and the salad fork left to the dinner fork. And then place the knife on the right to the dinner plate while spooning on the right of the knife. You can set the desert spoon horizontally right above the dinner plate.

Place the water and wine glasses on the upper right corner of the plate setting.

Fold the napkin. You can use napkin rings or even look for ways to fold them over the internet and place them on top of the salad plate.

Make sure to place a card above the dessert spoon with the guest’s name on either side so they could easily locate their seat.

Also, place the coffee cup and saucer below the glasses with the dessert course.

Table Setting for Everyday Dinner

Table setting


Start by setting up linens and mats if you are using one.

Place the dinner plates in the center of the setting.

Place the knife on the right and fork on the left with a spoon right to the knife of the dinner plate.

Set the water glass on the right corner of the plate right on the top of the knife.

If you want to provide napkins, you can place them either on the dinner plate or beneath the fork.


Reading the post must have given you an idea of how things work and how important tableware is while serving a host or satisfying your inner self. Now that you know its importance, get your own enticing Rina Menardi dinner plate to rock your next dinner party.

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