How to Decorate Your Living Room with French Beds
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On March 21, 2022

Which kind of bedroom would you want? Would you like a bedroom with an elegant look and polished artistic patterns and impressions? If you wish to have such a bedroom, in this article, you will learn why about fifty percent of Americans prefer French-style interior designs.

Since the 17th century, French interior design has been popular, especially to Americans. These designs have been translated to French-style beds that captivate an excellent living room. If you wish to know the benefits of decorating your room with French beds, please read on.

  • Make the room attractive
    A vintage French bed coupled with a French design makes the room look beautiful.
  • Instil a peaceful and charismatic atmosphere
    When your room is shining with a French bed, it will instil a joyful aura. In other words, it will elevate your moods to a peace-of-mind stature.
  • Make the room look spacious
    If you paint walls white and allow enough lighting to your bedroom, the place will imprint a spacious nature. Furthermore, if you have antique wall mirrors, they will reflect light to the bed frame and make the room appear spacious.
  • Instil a vintage atmosphere
    If you love a vintage or a classical feeling, you might consider a French bed in your living room. French Bed has that antique headboard and floral needlepoint that creates a vintage look and feel.
  • Makes you comfortable
    The feeling of sleeping in a large, cushiony, and beautiful bed makes you feel comfortable. Where else would you get such comfort if not the French beds with such stylish design?
    Factors to consider when decorating your living room with French beds

If you have understood the benefits of French bed designs, you can buy french beds online from stores such as Nicky Cornell.

Here are ideas you might use to decorate the living room.

1. Colour the room white

White is a colour of transparency, peace, and prosperity. If you wish to have a peaceful bedtime atmosphere, consider colouring the whole place white. First, ensure the bed and beddings are white. Also, plan to install antique mirrors that complement the area’s light.

Colour the room white


However, too much white may make the room appear pale. Therefore, consider using a mix of other decors that soften the whitish element. Such colors may include brown, black, pink, or grey hues.

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2. Create patterned impressions

Contemplate on creating an artistic bedding pattern that matches the walls, carpets, ceilings, and other furniture like a wardrobe. Such a pattern makes the room appear organised, spacious, and beautiful.

Create Patterned Impressions


An incredible pattern that rhymes with French bed is a pale bluish or brownish floral style. Besides, create a patterned wallpaper, and install French-style lighting chandeliers that complete a pattern look.

3. Create a wooden colour impression

wooden colour impression


If you want to create a natural and vintage look in your room, choose a brownish French bed. The beddings may be white but ensure the headboard has an antique floral pattern with brownish décor. Also, add that complexion with brown or greyish frame paintings, photographs, sculptures, or portraits.

4. Choose a rustic-style French furniture

Although smooth items are appealing, a rustic texture gives the furniture an aesthetic feel. The aesthetic feel makes the bedroom look vintage and natural. Deliberate on rattan, mahogany, or bamboo furniture that maintains a rustic feeling.

rustic-style French furniture


Moreover, you should decorate the ceiling, walls, or floor with rustic materials. If you wish to use wallpaper, decorate the room with lutece décor.

5. Paint the room pink

Pink is a colour of romance and peaceful feeling. Therefore, consider mixing the pink tone with a décor of earthy rose and maroon, especially on the wall, ceiling, and floor. The beddings should also have pink drawings and patterns.

Paint the room pink


If you want a more feminine taste, you might consider a pastel décor with tones of red paint.

6. Install proper lighting

Lighting completes a warm and aesthetic feel of a room. There are many lighting styles, but a cream chandelier would rhyme with French beds. If you want a natural and vintage room look, install a chandelier with floral paintings or a wooden look.

Install proper lighting


The types of lighting colour should also match with the bedroom surrounding. For instance, pastel, purple or white lighting would create a peaceful and romantic mood.

7. Buy compelling artefacts

Buy artefacts like Japanese jars, kettles, or other artefacts to decorate the room. A French bed with beddings that match those artefacts’ colors would activate your mood.

Buy compelling artefacts


If you wonder which room colour would match with such artefacts, consider grey or shadowy décor with toes of white or pastel.

Final Thoughts

French styles and Beds are numerous, so you have to research them. It would be wise to shop from the right dealer who can also advise you on how to decorate the room accordingly. You may also involve home interior designers who can help you decorate your room in a French-style fashion.

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