Benefits Of Using In Wall Toilet Cistern
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On November 24, 2021

People love staying in the toilet because this is where they can enjoy their privacy and alone time when in the house. With this, finding ways to improve its functions and appearance is highly recommended. Have you heard about in wall toilet cistern? If this is not how your toilet bowl is made yet, considering it is strongly advised.

To help you understand more about this, here are a few things you need to know regarding this type of cistern.

Advantages Of In Wall Cistern

To convince you further, here are a few benefits you need to know about this type of cistern:

  • Easier to clean

Think about cleaning the entire toilet, bowl and the cistern. If you will consider in wall, you are taking the cistern out of the equation when cleaning the toilet bowl. All you have to clean is just one part of the toilet, as the other one is safely kept at the back of the wall.

Those who have limited time to allot cleaning their toilet can save a huge time cleaning if the cistern does not need to be cleaned.

  • Saves space

If you have a small bathroom, this is a perfect choice for you. Cistern can occupy a huge space in the bathroom, hence keeping it at the back of the wall can give you extra space to move around and add more accessories in your bathroom.

Benefits Of Using In Wall Toilet Cistern


Do not think twice about this option especially if you have very limited space in the bathroom to use.

  • Quieter to flush

Since the sound of the flush is contained at the back of the wall, expect that you can almost hear nothing when you click on the flush button. The flush sound can be very annoying and can even wake up and disturb other people particularly when the bathroom is in an enclosed space.

  • Aesthetically neat and beautiful
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Yes, this is definitely far more beautiful and neater looking than regular cisterns. Keeping your bathroom look neat and clean is a good idea, and this you can easily achieve if you use in wall cistern and not the ordinary, old fashioned, and regular cistern. If you want your bathroom looking neat and beautiful, then this is an option for you.

Benefits Of In Wall Toilet Cistern


You may not be as interested about this type of cistern because there is a lot of wrong information about it spreading all over the internet. Just to correct the wrong perceptions, here are some things you need to know about:

  • Hard to maintain

Some think that this is very hard to maintain, but actually, it is not considering that there are some in wall cistern that can be accessed through a single button. Yes, it is behind the wall but that does not mean it is hard to access.

People think that when their cistern is hidden at the back of the wall, accessing it may require them to demolish the wall, but actually, it is not the case, as they can fix any issues on the cistern, same as maintaining it, just by a single button.

In Wall Toilet Cistern


To make sure this can be achieved, choose a brand that offers easy maintenance.

  • It is expensive

Yes, it looks classy, elegant and chick, but it is not expensive all the time. There are some who are not as comfortable about this option because they think it is expensive. But actually, if you will come to think of it, there are brands that are selling their in-wall cisterns at a low price, lower than regular cisterns. You just have to be very patient when looking and comparing one cistern to another.

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