Most Beautiful Indoor and Big Plants for Your Living Room
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On October 15, 2019

Adding plants to your living room is not only a great décor idea but also gives freshness to your room. It is an inexpensive great way to decorate your room. Every home looks better with live greenery Most indoor trees aren’t super-messy but are indoor plants with huge leaves, though you’ll want to make sure they have the right light exposure and adequate water. Remember that one of the main reasons for the death of indoor plants is overwatering. If you are going for formal appearance or the lusty jungle feel, or you want to make your room more colourful or greenery, you can go for these plants which will give your house more greenery feels. Some of the plants are:

1. Rhapis Palm (Rhapis Excelsa)

Rhapis Palm-min


Rhapis Palm is an indoor plant with big leaves whose height can be around 4-5 m and breadth around 30-35 mm with glossy leaves and evergreen leaves which are divided into large and lined segments. It gives your room a classy look.

2. Rubber Tree (Ficus elastica)

Rubber Tree


 Rubber Tree is a plant with black leaves which doesn’t grow to much height. It gives your room décor an extra tint of realness. It also matches your décor if it is of a white and black theme.

3. Tree Fern

African Candelabra


Tree Fern trees which are a part of tropical areas, and its name which actually gives references to numerous different families of ferns which have similar tree fern-like growth habits.

4. African Candelabra (Euphorbia am mak)

Fiddle Leaf Fig


The African Candelabra plant which looks like a cactus but is not a cactus, convinced by the milky liquid that comes out of stems when it is cut. It surely does look like a cactus, not that prickly but with much similarly thickness.

5. Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata)

Tree Fern


 This plant will add height to your room because of its broad and shiny feature. Its leaves are broad and shiny with a fiddle-shaped indoor plant with large leaves. If you over water this plant, it will drop its leaves and will die. If you want to make this plant look pretty and keep it longer, dust its leaves frequently.

6. Yucca (Yucca elephantipes)



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The Yucca plants leaves are not pointed sharp but are pointed, so you should be more careful around this plant, as the leaves are pretty rough and tough. This greenery will give you a cut, if you handle it with no attention and carelessly.

7. Umbrella Tree (Schefflera Amata)

Umbrella Tree


The Umbrella tree plants will be easy to take care of as it will live for quite a time even if you do not take care of it, as they are rough and hard. Like a cactus, this tree will need water at a few months gap, to survive perfectly, if you water it daily, it will not live. If you are going on a vacation and no one is at home to take care of your plants, then also, it will survive quite well.

8. Parlour Palm (Chamaedora elegans)

Parlour Palm


Bringing the tropics Parlor Palm indoors has never been easier than with the addition of a Parlor Palm. Where many types of palms don’t grow well indoors, Parlor Palms thrive and are considered low-maintenance and hardy houseplants.

9. Corn Plant (Dracaena fragrans)

Corn Plant


Corn plants are grown as thick canes that sprout from buds along with the cane, achieving a “false palm” effect (which is why they’re sometimes called false palms). The leaves are long and narrow (like those of corn). They make good houseplants because they are tall and narrow, with controlled growth

10. Triangle Ficus (Ficus triangularis)

Triangle Ficus


Ficus Triangle, although one species in the Ficus genus gives the entire group a bad name, the rest of them are surprisingly simple to grow. Ficus triangularis, commonly known as triangle ficus, is one of the least fussy in the genus. It grows to 8 feet in height with a 4-foot spread and has deep-green leaves that don’t drop as easily as the leaves of its fussier cousin

11. European Olive (Olea Europea)

European Olive


Olive trees like soil that drains easily, like a cactus mix. Placing an inch or two of Styrofoam, gravel, or any other kind of filler on the bottom of the pot will keep the soil well-drained.

12. Fishtail Palm (Caryota)

Fishtail Palm-min


Fishtail palm trees feature compound leaves that reach staggeringly large sizes, as does the tree itself. The leaflets of these large leaves, each of which features ragged edges that resemble the back end of a fish.

13. Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla)

Norfolk Island Pinesource:

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14. Dragon Tree (Dracaena marginata)

Dragon Treesource:

15. Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia)

Bird of Paradisesource:

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