Why Should You Install a Sewer Cleanout?
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On December 6, 2022

Your home is connected to the main sewer system by a pipe known as the lateral sewer line. Somewhere along the lateral sewer line, the sewer cleanout can be found. This is another pipe with a cap that is used to provide access to the sewer line when it needs to be cleaned of blockages.Blocked drains are a frequent occurrence in most households, the drains can become blocked by hair, grease, feminine hygiene products, and a multitude of other objects. Blocked drains are a problem and must be cleared. If you have a sewer cleanout it makes it much easier for a plumber to clear any blockages.

What Is A Drain Cleanout?

Sewer Cleanout

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A drain cleanout is another name given to the sewer cleanout pipe. It is often found outside of your home in the front or back yards. It is easy to identify, it looks like a capped pipe, sticking vertically up, a few inches above the ground. 

When there is an issue with a backed-up drain, a plumber can use these cleanout pipes to access the main sewer line, pass a small camera into the main sewer, and identify and locate the problem. Once the cause of the blockage and the location have been identified by the plumber, he can select the appropriate cutting blade and cut up the blockage. After the work is complete, the camera is again run through the sewer line to double-check that all of the blockages have been removed.

Deciding whether or not to install cleanouts, depends upon several factors. A professional plumber can assess your property and help you to determine if installing cleanouts is a good decision. There are a number of reasons that cleanouts are an excellent decision to make.

Prevents Frequent Drain Problems

Sewer Cleanout

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Having a drain cleanout enables your plumber to determine exactly what is causing blockages, and from this, give your advice regarding how to prevent them in the future. Preventing a problem is much better than having to keep fixing the problem. In addition to this issues can be discovered and treated before they become big issues. 


Professional, licensed plumbers will provide you with a warranty when there is a cleanout present; for this type of work, you can be sure that the work has been completely correct.

Drainspecific Cleanouts

Sewer Cleanout

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If you are having frequent problems with a specific drain, installing a cleanout to these drains means that it will be much easier to find out what the problem is and how to solve it. Many newer homes come equipped with a cleanout, but a lot of older houses do not.

May Increase Home Resale Value If Buyers Request A Drain Inspection

A cleanout makes a drain inspection easy if a potential buyer requests one, a camera can easily pass through the cleanout into the main sewer line. This can reassure the buyer about the condition of the plumbing and will also show them how easy drain repairs can be in the future.

What’s The Bottom Line?

The presence of sewer cleanout makes inspection and repair significantly easier in the case of clogged pipes and blocked drains. It is much simpler to identify problems in your sewer line. Easy identification means that repairs can be easily made and also will inform you how to avoid the same problem in the future.

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