How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress?
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On December 26, 2022


Purchasing a high-quality mattress is a challenging task. The next important thing is to know how to continue your mattress maintenance to protect your investment. All the mattresses have different types of precautions according to their structure to keep them well-maintained. You can replace your mattress cover every few weeks or switch out your sheets once a week. But have you ever rotated or flipped your mattress? Why do you need to rotate or flip your mattress? How often should you rotate your mattress? The simple answer is that you may extend your mattress’s life by doing something as simple as flipping it over or rotating it. Regularly rotating and flipping a mattress keeps it resilient and even.

Keep reading and stay on the page to find detailed answers to the above questions, and you will feel tension free about your mattress maintenance.

Flipping v Rotating a Mattress

Rotate Your Mattress


Mattresses should be rotated and flipped often to ensure even wear. You can extend the length of time during which you experience restful sleep. On the other hand, mattresses come in various styles and require varying maintenance levels. Some models can be rotated or flipped. Flipping some of them can cause damage it. Some manufacturers of mattresses will not honor their warranties if you turn over a mattress with only one side.


Before learning “How often should you rotate your mattress?” you should know what “rotating” means. Turning your mattress around by 180 degrees is what’s meant by “rotating” it. Your feet will now be supported by the part used to rest your head, and vice versa.


Before learning “how often should you flip your mattress?” you should know what “flipping” means. “Flipping” a mattress means turning it from the downside to the upside for use. Such mattresses can be used on both sides. Turning your mattress over so that you can sleep on either side of it is called “Flipping” the mattress. The ability to sleep on either side of the mattress is provided by turning it over.

Why should you rotate or flip your mattress?

Rotate Your Mattress


First, clarification is essential for “Why should you rotate your mattress?” Even though most modern mattresses are only designed to be used on one side and can be rotated only. It is okay to rotate your mattress unless the company that made it recommends explicitly against doing so.

There are exceptions, though, such as mattresses with features like zonal support that provide comfort and support to specific body parts. Before rotating your mattress, you should always consult the manufacturer where you purchased it.

Benefits of rotating

Rotating will be beneficial for:

  • Extending the life of mattresses. 
  • It also aids in keeping the spine in a neutral position, allowing you to wake up pain-free.
  • By rotating or flipping your mattress, you can prevent these signs of wear and tear:
    • Sagging
    • Lumpy surface
    • Hammocking
    • Dust and wear

How often should you rotate your mattress?

There are so many different materials and mixes used in mattresses today that no one knows the answer to “How often should you rotate your mattress?”

Most manufacturers suggest rotating the mattresses every three months to once a year.  The most important things are how often you use it and how much weight you put on it.

Types of mattresses – Rotated frequently

Rotate Your Mattress


While learning about “How often should you rotate your mattress?” Firstly, you should know “what types of mattresses require rotation.” Here is the list of mattresses that could benefit from rotation:

  1. Latex Foam
  2. Memory Foam
  3. Innerspring
  4. Hybrid Mattress (with a mixture of multiple materials – such as innerspring and combo of foam)

Because of the construction of these mattresses, you should only use one side and keep them in their original orientation at all times. In some cases, turning air mattresses with foam on top can be beneficial. 

Keep your mattress on a regular rotation schedule, no matter how often you want to move it. Rotating according to the manufacturer’s instructions shall save the mattresses from premature deterioration.

How do you rotate your mattress?

Here are a few steps to rotate your mattress that will help you to understand “How often should you rotate your mattress?”  If you want to remember to rotate your mattresses throughout the year, keep a note of it in your phone, computer, or diary. Some manufacturers recommend turning the mattress every three months. You should rotate your mattress by taking the following steps:

  • To make things easier, move the bedside tables away from the bed, remove all the bedding, and decide whether to turn the bed clockwise or counterclockwise. In this way, they will avoid injuries.
  • Before turning the mattress, moving it just a little bit away from the headboard is essential. You can rotate more quickly if the bed also has a footboard, since you can lift the mattress and place it on it.
  • Because turning a mattress through a complete turn of 180 degrees can feel like a bit of a task, many of us put off doing it until later. First, go to a quarter turn, then set it down and move to the foot of the bed; finally, rotate the mattress in another quarter turn. It is possible that rotating the mattress all at once will prove to be an unmanageable task, especially if you are working on it by yourself.

Why should you flip your mattress?

Rotate Your Mattress


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In most cases, you should only flip over your mattress if instructed by the company that made it. An innerspring mattress may be turned over or rotated because the top and bottom are made from the same materials. Simply turning or rotating your innerspring mattress with each change of season will help keep the mattress cleaner and extend its lifespan. Flipping a double-sided mattress can assist fluff and re-energize the fibers in the mattress until it is time to flip it again. Flipping a mattress twice in a row is recommended. Generally, flipping such a mattress once every six to twelve months is recommended.

Benefits of Flipping

Frequent flipping as per the direction of the manufacturer will be helpful as follows:

Frequent flipping will extend the mattress’s lifespan, as it can deteriorate if you sleep in the same spot every night.

If you don’t flip your mattresses, it will affect your spine, which may get out of place and cause pain.

The coils of an innerspring mattress need to stay together for the mattress to work. Flipping the mattress once every few months can help increase the coils’ lifespan and keep them from becoming damaged.

It’s possible that, after some time, the middle of your mattress will start to sag. Regular flipping will prevent it from sagging.

How often do you flip your mattress?

In the same way, as you have already seen above, no one can answer the question, “How often should you rotate your mattress?” The same situation is here: “How often should you rotate your mattress?” It is a bit of reality that every mattress cannot be flipped, excluding those that the originator has allowed. For instance, if your mattress has a soft top layer and a supportive foundation, flipping it will risk damaging the soft layer. Therefore, you should first read the manual before taking action.

Some innerspring mattresses have padding, fiber filling, and springs that are the same on both sides. These mattresses can be flipped and evenly used on both sides. They should be flipped at least once every few months, which is also an excellent occasion to flip them over. The same thing should happen every six months.

Types of mattresses – should or should not be flipped

Rotate Your Mattress


Most mattresses today are one-sided because they tend to have a base layer that gives support from the bottom up. Nevertheless, flippable mattresses are still available. These are stable and have a support core with softer and stiffer sides. Here, all you have to do is pick a side and then alternate it sometimes.

The label or brand name on most one-sided mattresses will be prominently displayed, letting you know which way to turn them. Check the brand’s website or contact them directly to clarify whether you can flip the mattress.

Remember that one-sided mattresses are made to provide you with plenty of stability, so just because you can’t flip a mattress doesn’t mean you won’t get sufficient support. The primary layer is essential for maintaining proper posture, so it is important to rotate it and keep it standing straight.

As previously indicated, some conventional mattresses can and should be turned over because they are built the same way on both sides. These should be rotated and flipped about every six months to increase your comfort. 

The following mattresses need to be flipped:

Conventional mattresses have the same design on both sides.

Mattresses with varying levels of firmness on every side.

The following mattresses must not be flipped:

Those built-in layers on a firmer foundation.

How do you flip your mattress?


If you have a heavy mattress, it is strongly suggested that you ask someone else to help you move it. Before you move the bed, make sure that any loose items are taken out of the room.

After turning your mattress over, you should flip it to ensure it is used precisely.

  • Turn the mattress over and rotate the bed frame 90 degrees clockwise so that the wider side is parallel to the head.
  • Raise the head of the bed and turn it on its side.
  • Turn the mattress over so there is space on the other end to lie down.
  • Flip the mattress carefully and place it so that it is facing down.
  • Repeat the clockwise rotation by 90 degrees until it is aligned with the base; the foot side should now be at the top of the structure.

You could push the mattress up against the headboard if that is more convenient. Subsequently, use this opportunity to vacuum both underneath and around the mattress. As time passes, dust mites, germs, and other allergens gradually accumulate inside and below the bed. Breathing in such polluted air may aggravate your allergies or make you sick. A more restful night’s sleep may result from the effort to vacuum the mattress, the bed structure, and the area around the bed.

It can be hard to clean under the bed, but flipping over a mattress can give you access to this hard-to-reach area so you can clean it.

Final Thought

Finally, you should have enough information about “How often should you rotate your mattress?” In this article, you should have found different types of mattresses that can be flipped or rotated. Most mattresses, especially those with one-sided constructions like memory foam and pillow-top mattresses, should be rotated every few months. To have a decent night’s sleep, check with the manufacturer and learn how often the mattress should be flipped or rotated. Following the company’s instructions, the longevity of your mattress will increase, and you can save money from an early mattress replacement.

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