How To Make Your Kitchen Cozy And Inexpensive
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On December 2, 2020

The well-known phrase “the warmth of the home” is associated with the forms of organization of life of our distant ancestors. In village houses in winter, sometimes it was possible to warm up only near the furnace, which was located in the kitchen. Today, city residents do not need to worry about the lack of heat in their apartments and houses, but real and warm comfort is becoming rarer.

Rule one: order is a guarantee of psychological comfort!

Maintain order in the kitchen is necessary not only for practical purposes. Of course, it is more convenient to prepare food when it is clear where the necessary utensils and equipment are. But it is also easier to be in a space where everything is in its place, comfortable in every respect.

Rule two: emphasis on the dining area


The main accent in kitchen design is the table and chairs.  You can choose furniture for the dining area with a few general principles that will answer the question of how to make your kitchen beautiful.

Principle 1. The durability of the work surface depends on the materials from which it is made. The cheapest options for a tabletop are plastic and its analogues. The most expensive ones are artificial and natural stones. Savings in this case can turn into a rapid cost of repair, so you may check kitchen renovation cost in Toronto.

Principle 2.

Today, there are various types of chairs on sale. The choice should be based on the number of family members, the area and layout of the kitchen, as well as the style of the room.


Principle 3.

The most cozy version of the table is a wooden model. Natural wood with a unique natural pattern will help to create the necessary atmosphere that brings together all family members over a cup of tea and hot cakes. More modern and stylish solutions are tables with glass tabletops on original supports. They can be forged elements, carved stone, wood.

Rule three: get rid of unnecessary details!

As in the case of a riot, the abundance of small details and excessive decoration can deprive the kitchen of coziness. If there is a desire to add interesting accents to the interior, it should be done with care.


Rule four: do not forget about fresh flowers!

Live vegetation successfully answers the question how to make the kitchen light and cozy. If it is not possible to place a massive living wall of wicker plants in the kitchen, you can limit yourself to a few pots on the window sill. But don’t forget to check your vent system regularly. You may need duct sanitizing Bradford for that. The main thing – to place flowers away from the open fire.


Rule five: Avoid mistakes

When decorating the kitchen it is important to maintain a uniform style, not to forget about the lighting, which will help to zonate the kitchen and put competent accents. Specialists recommend avoiding the following techniques in the kitchen:

  • Furnishing of the kitchen should be based on the principle of the ratio of free space to filled space: two thirds of the area should be free of furniture and other elements, the table and chairs should not take up too much space;
  • The painting of walls, ceiling, color of furniture and decor should not be obsessive, gloomy and catchy, it is better to stop at the gentle muted shades of a warm range (ivory, cream, beige, caramel, warm light green).

The atmosphere of coziness in the kitchen is formed at the expense of every detail. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to all elements, as well as to foresee in advance how they will all look together. Any disharmonious combination can destroy all attempts to create a comfortable interior.


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