5 Objective Reasons Why Large Floor Tiles Are the Way to Go
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On March 29, 2022

Changing the tile in your bathroom is one of many recommended improvements by professionals. But before you decide on a tile, what size will be the most beneficial? Tile size matters, and is one of many things to consider before going all in on the change. 

1. Maintenance

Reasons Why Large Floor Tiles Are the Way to Go

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Easy maintenance and cleaning are the biggest reason to go with large floor tiles. The wider grout lines introduced by small floor tiling means that more debris and germs will collect in one place. If it has been a while since the last cleaning, you’ll have to scrub harder to get the tile back to its original look. Large floor tiling is easier to maintain, and follows the same cleaning guidelines as small tile. You don’t have to buy new cleaning materials, and you still get the advantage of doing half the work to keep it clean. 

2. Better for Certain Rooms

Reasons Why Large Floor Tiles Are the Way to Go

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Areas like the shower work best when using large tiles. Even small bathrooms work better with large floor tiles since you use less pieces to get the job done. And if you’re the creative type, those same large tiles can create a sink backsplash that matches the rest of the décor. Look at each room during the planning period so you’ll notice all of the advantages of large floor tile. 

3. Design

Reasons Why Large Floor Tiles Are the Way to Go

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All of the sleek designs in the industry makes the most of large surfaces that stand out in extraordinary detail. These designs utilize all of the larger tile benefits while minimizing any of the cons. When combined with digital printing, large floor tiles make it easier than ever to create once in a lifetime project designs. This includes extending large floor tiles up the wall for an artistic room masterpiece. 

4. Less Grout Lines

Reasons Why Large Floor Tiles Are the Way to Go

source: hanseceramictile.com

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Grout lines are one of the most unattractive things about flooring. Even when gorgeous tile is placed, it is the grout lines that interrupt the unified design of the tile. This is more noticeable when you use smaller tiles with more grout lines. Larger tiles limit this issue by eliminating up to half of the grout lines you would usually encounter. The now infuriating grout joints blend in better with the larger tile, and your floor looks more like a seamless wallpaper instead of a thrown together Lego block. 

5. Cost

Reasons Why Large Floor Tiles Are the Way to Go

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Take a close look at the cost of some small tiles in bulk compared to their larger counterparts. Depending on which style you choose, the larger bulk buy will have a lower price. When looking for tiles and the larger size is lower in cost, consider it a massive deal. To maximize savings, make sure that you have the correct measurements for the area so that no floor tile is wasted. There is no point in getting larger tile if you have to destroy the bulk of it for a perfect fit

Bigger Is Better

Bigger floor tiling has a lot of benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. Before you go all in on a specific tile, consider going bigger rather than smaller. If it fits your project style, you’ll gain a better way of getting the job done. 

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