3 Ways to Keep Your Parking Lot Safe and Clean
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On May 5, 2020

Your parking lot is one of the very first things your customers will see when they visit your place of business. The space, along with your storefront, creates that critical first impression, which takes less than a second for a person to form.

You don’t want a customer to pull up to your building only to be greeted by unclear parking lines, potholes, and piles of trash and other debris.

How do you create a good first impression with your parking lot?

parking Cleaning Procedures

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Implement Proper Cleaning Procedures

Oil leaks from cars and litter can make your parking lot look unsightly. Litter is easy to deal with, as you only need to pick them up or sweep them off. Stains, however, are a pain to get off.

Cleaning methods vary according to your parking lot’s material.

Asphalt – If the floor is made of asphalt, spot clean it with one part laundry detergent and one part bleach. Add some water and scrub it off using a broom with firm bristles. Rinse and repeat until your lot is spotless.

Concrete – Buy some degreaser from your local hardware store to loosen up the stain. Scrub it thoroughly with a brush. Clean the remaining stain off with detergent mixed with warm water.

If you want to give your floor a deeper clean, use a pressure washer after spot cleaning. This gets rid of built-up dirt and grime. You’ll be surprised at how pristine your floor looks after.

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parking Cleaning Procedures

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Repair Cracks Before it’s too Late Reapply Parking Lines

Parking lines keep the lot organized. But its paint can wear down due to heavy traffic, heat, and moisture. If you find that your lines aren’t visible from a distance anymore, it’s time to repaint them. However, you shouldn’t use ordinary latex or acrylic paint, as they don’t last long.

Use reflectorized traffic paint. This melts and bonds with the pavement, which makes them last for years. It’s also mixed with glass beads, so it’s more visible and gives your customers a safer driving experience.

Repair Cracks Before it’s too Late

parking Cleaning Procedures

source: aaaplm.com

It’s common to see cracks in asphalt and concrete. However, some of them may worsen and cause problems like potholes and structural issues. There are a variety of reasons that cause these strong materials to crack like improper mixing and drying when they were installed, water or moisture damage, extreme temperature, and heavy traffic.

For concrete, you can fill and smooth out cracks with some more concrete and a trowel. You can also use a resurfacer and a squeegee after repairing the crack to keep the surface even. But asphalt needs special equipment and materials to fill. So call in an asphalt flooring contractor to do the repair work for you.

Your parking lot “greets” your customers first. Give it as much attention as your storefront and interiors at The Architecture designs. With proper and regular cleaning and repairs, you’ll not only provide the best experience for customers when they first visit you. You’ll also be securing their loyalty.

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